3 Weight Loss Tips To Drop Weight Fast

Here are 3 weight loss tips designed to help you lose weight faster.
Tip #1 Stop Your Sugar Addiction
Sugar (and bad carbs) are the number one reason people put on weight. The key is to stop your sugar addiction as soon as possible.
Theoretically, it’s easy to stop sugar addiction. I remember Wayne Dyer, the New Age philosopher, talking about how he stopped smoking – “Don’t put the cigarette in your mouth.”
Yeah sure – stop putting the sugary food in your mouth – way too hard to do!
Unfortunately, there’s only one way to stop smoking – change your mindset that insists that a cigarette is a friend and think of it as a monster and the enemy.
Same thing for sugar – a lifetime of excessive sugar consumption leads to end of life misery from a variety of diseases. Only you can’t think about the diseases – you think about the enemy – sugar – and how to conquer the enemy.
The good news is that when you restrict sugar consumption for a few days, eating a piece of chocolate is going to taste mighty sweet! Hopefully, you won’t even try to eat it, because eating one bite will get you re-addicted.
Tip #2 Eat Mindfully
This weight loss tip is way too simple. Losing weight may be as easy as eating mindfully.
My spouse and I are following a 5:2 fasting plan – 5 days of regular/healthy meals with 2 days of fasting (500 calories per day). We were eating our lunch of cut up veggieswhen we realized how long it was taking to chew one wee little carrot stick. Raw veggies take a long time to eat because you have to chew to cut up those hard sticks into digestible, swallowable tiny pieces.
Studies have shown that consciously chewing food longer and eating mindfully are ways to slow down your eating (and lose weight) and improve your food experience.
Can eating really be a meditative process?
Instead of wolfing down your food, try chewing it instead. You will find that you will enjoy the taste and feel of the food, feel more satisfied, and eat less food in the process.
Tip #3 Never Get So Hungry You’ll Eat Anything
When your goal is to lose weight, you should never get so hungry that you’ll eat anything you can find in your food cabinets, the fridge, or in a trip to a fast food restaurant.
How do you do that – make sure you’re never so hungry you’ll eat anything?
Let me give you an example – a few days, I was driving a long distance to get to a friend’s house in another state. I got so hungry that I seriously considered pulling off into the interstate rest stop for some fast food. 
Then I remembered I had packed “emergency food” into a small cooler/lunchbox. It contained a few hard-boiled eggs, some raw nuts, some sliced up veggies, and a stainless steel container of water. I pulled over and ate the “emergency food.”
The point is – if you are serious about weight loss, you will be prepared for the “I’m so hungry I’m going to eat anything” events. And, you won’t be eating the stuff that’ll make you feel sick and guilty.
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3 Weight Loss Tips To Drop Weight Fast

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