Types Of Varicose Veins Treatment Nyc

By Jaclyn Hurley
There are a number of options of varicose veins treatment nyc residents may go for. Before treatments are considered, there have to be tests and examinations to ascertain the existence of the condition. One way to perform the examination is physically whereby the doctor examines the legs to see if there is any swelling. The patient also has to describe any other ache they are experiencing. For examination of valves and any changes they may experience, ultrasound tests are carried out.

Treatment does not involve staying in hospital for long, for many people that is. Owing to the use of procedures that are less invasive, the condition is able to be treated on an outpatient basis. Self-care is among the first options to be considered. This will require that individuals exercise, avoid putting on tight clothing, try to lose some weight, elevate the legs and avoid standing for extended periods of time. These aim to reduce any pain and prevent worsening of the condition.

The first approach to try before considering other treatments is the use of compression stockings. They are supposed to be worn all day. They squeeze the legs steadily and help the veins and muscles of the legs to move blood in a more efficient way. The level to which compression is done depends on the type and brand of stocking.

Compression stockings can be purchased from medical stores or pharmacies. There is also the option of going for prescription-strength stockings. During purchase, it should be ensured that the stockings are well fitting as that is the only way they will be of help. A tape measure is used in measurement of the legs and the stockings to be used. The stocking of choice needs to be strong, not necessarily tight.

It is possible that one may not respond to either compression stockings or self-care treatment. They may also be suffering from a more severe condition. Should that be the case, more advanced options will have to be used. Sclerotherapy is one such option and involves injecting the vein with a solution that scars and closes it. The procedure is very effective if it is done in the right way though there are instances when more than one injection is required. It is done without administering anesthesia.

Closing off of the affected vein can be done using laser surgery. Lasers are strong beams of light which are directed to the vein, making it to slowly fade and finally disappear. The procedure does not involve the use of needles or incisions. Another option is to use catheter assisted procedures in which small tubes known as catheters are inserted into the veins that are enlarged. The tip of the tube gets heated and as it gets withdrawn, the heat destroys the vein and it collapses.

There is vein stripping in which a long vein is removed using small incisions. It is mainly done on an outpatient basis. Fortunately, removing the vein has no adverse effects on flow of blood. Two other procedures which can be used are ambulatory phlebectomy and endoscopic surgery.

People should be wary of advertisements which claim they offer painless and permanent treatments. These may fail to offer what is stated in the advertisements. The doctor should be consulted before considering the various options.

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Types Of Varicose Veins Treatment Nyc

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