Body Fat: The Silent Killer

Obesity is a condition where a person has excessive body fat. While obesity causes people to look less attractive, the greatest concern is the impact the condition has on the overall health and quality of life of the individual. 
Although excess body fat can contribute to a number of health conditions, the reason many professionals consider body fat the silent killer is its link to Type II diabetes. 
Adult diabetes is closely connected to insulin resistance, a condition that occurs from the body’s cells losing their sensitivity to insulin. 
As a result, the pancreas begins to make more insulin to get the needed amount of glucose into the cells. The increased volume of insulin causes more fat to be stored in the body.
While pinning down a definite cause of death as it relates to obesity is difficult, it is safe to say that thousands of people die each year from being overweight. 
In addition to Type II Diabetes, obesity also increases the risk of coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, colon cancer, high blood pressure and other diseases. 
Although there are different terms given to people as the amount of body fat they have increases, men are considered to be obese when more than 25% of their total weight is from fat and for women, more than 30%.
How to Eliminate Body Fat: The Silent Killer
Anyone who has tried to lose any amount of weight probably knows how difficult it really is. Often, by the time they realize they have a serious problem with obesity, they have already tried to cut calories and/or increase their exercise levels without any real success. 
The key to eliminating fat from the body is to get the body to burn more of the fat that it has stored. Some weight loss supplements can make it easier by increasing the body’s metabolism so that the results of their weight loss plan are multiplied. 
However, using supplements without making any efforts to lose weight naturally will not produce significant results. Instead, a multi-faceted approach should be undertaken.
Fat Blockers and Fat Burners
Two types of supplements are frequently used to eliminate body fat. Fat burners aid in the breakdown of stored fat so that it is converted into energy. 
These supplements often have high quantities of caffeine or other stimulants to increase metabolism. When using fat burners, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.
Fat blockers, on the other hand, change the way that fat is digested so that it passes out of the body instead of being absorbed into the body. 
Fat blockers are available as over-the-counter supplements and prescription drugs. Many of the products found in the store contain Chitosan, an ingredient that comes from crustacean shells. Another ingredient, Orlistat, is also available in prescription and non-prescription form.
Appetite suppressants are another type of weight loss supplements that can be used to keep the dieter from feeling hungry. 
These supplements work by releasing chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and prevent you from wanting to eat as frequently or as much.
To prevent body fat from being the silent killer that prevents you from living a healthy active lifestyle and enjoying the way you look, find the right combination of diet, exercise and weight loss supplement to start making the pounds melt away.
A few extra pounds are all it takes to start having problems with getting clothes to fit. As the problem increases, it becomes increasingly different to perform the activities that were simple before. 
This is what makes body fat the silent killer that is becoming an increasingly serious problem.
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Body Fat: The Silent Killer

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