Reasons For Using Dead Sea Skin Care Products

By Lisa Williamson
The dead sea is well known for its healing qualities. It contains around ten times the amount of salt found in other sea water and also contains a much higher concentration of valuable minerals than found elsewhere. Dead sea skin care products are created to utilize these minerals, making them available to customers all over the world.

Minerals may not seem that important as they do not constitute much of total body weight. However, they are in fact vital to many different bodily functions. They have to come from external sources as they are not produced inside the body. Minerals are easily absorbed through the outer layers and into cells, rehabilitating, strengthening and renewing them. They also play a part in activation of hormones, building bone and numerous other functions.

There are many different types of products available containing these minerals such as health and beauty ones for facial care like day, night and eye creams as well as facial masks. Body moisturizers, hand and nail creams, foot balm, shampoos and shower gels are just some of the other items. Age defying creams that help reverse effects of environmental damage and aging are also available.

A product like a facial mask may consist mostly of mineral mud while others often contain a number of other ingredients too, all suited for a particular purpose such as moisturizing or soothing. These other ingredients are also natural, like plant extracts and no preservatives are used. Aloe Vera, for example, is a good moisturizer as well as a source of vitamin C.

The ingredients used are able to cleanse deeply and draw out impurities and toxins. Pores are constricted and dead cells removed, leaving a glowing, soft and healthy look. Surplus oil is removed, redness soothed and new cells begin to grow. Rich and nourishing face creams with added plant extracts help to reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

People suffering from conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema benefit from using these creams and lotions. They do not cure these conditions but help to keep them under control by reducing itchiness, redness and irritation. If dryness is a problem, this can easily be solved by application of a body moisturizing product on a regular basis.

Many gifts can be bought from online stores. If you want to spoil your wife, she will be delighted with a set containing a mineral soap, a purifying mud face mask and a mud hair mask. There are also gift sets available for men, including items like shaving foam, an after shave balm and a hand cream.

The rich mineral mud used in these items was created naturally over many, many years. All natural ingredients are used in items, often including a combination of minerals, vitamins and plant extracts. Applying them gives your body what it needs for many vital functions and you not only feel great but look your best too.

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Reasons For Using Dead Sea Skin Care Products

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