Not Losing Weight? Here Are 3 Reasons That Have NOTHING To Do With Calories!

Are you dieting like mad but still not losing weight? Are you doing everything right but the pounds just won’t come off?
What’s going on?
There are several things that may be happening that can keep the pounds on – even if you’re eating a low calorie diet.
If you’re frustrated by a diet that doesn’t seem to be working, here are 3 things that could be going on that are keeping the pounds from dropping off:
#1 Sluggish Thyroid
A sluggish thyroid (hypothyroidism) can cause you to gain weight and make it almost impossible to drop those pounds.
Other symptoms of slow thyroid are fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, cold intolerance, memory loss and back problems.
Even if you have a mild sluggish thyroid without a lot of these symptoms (not a serious case), you may still find it hard to lose weight.
If you suspect you may have a slow thyroid, see your doctor who can run some routine tests on you and catch this condition early on.
If serious, you can go on medication to treat it – and the weight loss issue will resolve as your thyroid improves.
You can also help support your thyroid by eating foods like kelp, eggs, salmon, sardines and strawberries.
#2 Eating At the Wrong Time of Day
This isn’t the case for everyone – but it does apply to some people. When you eat your food is sometimes just as important as how much you eat.
People who eat most of their calories before 2:00 pm tend to lose weight easier than those who eat most of their calories after 2:00 pm – even if they eat the same amount of calories.
Why? Because at night your body is winding down. It knows it doesn’t need a lot of calories – after all, you’re just sleeping!
So it tends to store more calories as fat at night. This is different than when you eat in the morning. You need those calories to get through the day, so your body is more likely to use them up instead of storing them.
Again, this doesn’t work for everyone – but if you’re not losing weight with your current diet – try this time of day eating change and see what happens!
#3 Stress Hormones Are Keeping You Fat
Have you been particularly stressed lately? Surprisingly enough stress hormones like cortisol can slow your body from burning fat.
In fact, they might even be encouraging your body to put ON fat – especially in the lower belly.
If you’re not losing weight, ask yourself if you’ve been especially stressed out about something. Then try to take steps to lower your cortisol levels. Some ways to do this are:
  • Deep breathing exercises every day
  • Meditation or prayer
  • Get a massage
  • Take a walk with a friend or loved one
  • Take an Epsom salts bath
So those are 3 things you can do if you’re not losing weight. It’s not always about calories. Take some time and be patient with yourself as you figure out what’s going on. Don’t give up on your weight loss goals – you will get there!
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Not Losing Weight? Here Are 3 Reasons That Have NOTHING To Do With Calories!

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