About San Francisco Pilates Studios

By Jaclyn Hurley
San Francisco Pilates studios offer very nice ambiance for practicing this effective and popular method of improving strength and flexibility, and the best workout equipment you can find. The method itself was introduced back in 1920s, by successful physical trainer Joseph Pilates, and is popular since. Although it was primarily designed to help dancers to recover from their sports injuries, it really affects the whole body on the most amazing way.

Some people believe that Pilates is practiced on the floor only, but all types of exercising machines are used as well. The difference between this technique and other forms of exercise is that this one doesn’t require so much effort, can be practiced in all periods of life, and is much safer. It activates some neglected muscles and works great improving your posture.

This method is designed as a mind and body exercise. The quality of your movement is more important than quantity, and the point is to concentrate on your core muscles and your breathing. Some muscles are usually neglected in other sports, and they can be very important when you are interested in spinal alignment and achieving better posture. Just feel your muscles and reshape your body.

Unlike jogging and similar sports, this method doesn’t require great physical shape to start with, in order to prevent injuries. Everyone can practice it, because the objective is a coordination of your mind, body and spirit. What is really important is the concentration. You have to concentrate on each and every movement you make, to be able to activate the main core muscles.

Of course, all sessions have to be supervised. Depending on your physical condition, your trainer will design the workout for you. Slow and controlled movements affects your muscle tone, and you will soon feel your whole body is becoming more and more flexible. Even people with different health issues can safely practice this method, and lose weight on simple and effective way.

Practicing Pilates you can effectively lose weight without difficult and risky workouts. All movements are slow and controlled, deeply relaxing and easy to do, regardless of your age or physical condition. It means you can practice this method even if you have some health issues, as long as your program is professionally designed to suit your needs. Besides, you don’t have to worry about different sports injuries or muscle pains.

The fact is that practicing Pilates regularly can help improve both strength and flexibility, and make your body looks leaner and better toned. It has very low impact on your joints, and, thanks to that, some people who cannot practice more demanding forms of exercise can safely engage in practicing this funny and relaxing method. It’s no wonder this method is so popular for decades.

Of course, you need to have highly experienced instructor at first, able to design a successful workout program developed to suit your particular needs. Every sport is good for keeping the body in shape, but this method deals with both your body and mind. Lose weight and make your body leaner, thinner, stronger and better toned, and have fun doing it.

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About San Francisco Pilates Studios

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