Honest Review of “Fat Loss Factor”

The Fat Loss factor is a complete step by step system designed to make you lose weight and inches off your waist. 
This weight loss system takes a natural approach by helping the body to function more efficiently after cleaning the main fat metabolizing organ therein- the Liver. This, coupled with proper nutrition and exercise, produces phenomenal results.
The Fat Loss factor weight loss system is a four step system:
1. Cleansing the Liver by incorporating a food substance that will bind and pull fat causing toxins out of the body.
2. Identifying specific affordable, fat burning foods that can be eaten to aid weight loss. 
3. Teaching how to increase fat loss by staying on the program with specific exercises. 
4. Identifying the reason why diets eventually fail and why it is difficult for the Fat Loss Factor to fail.
The system also includes liver and body cleanse videos, a custom-made software that provides data on ratings of fast foods that can be eaten on the go; a grocery list that determines the exact foods to buy; weight loss workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants, including five, 15-minute workouts; a measurement form to track your progress as you lose inches; and a goal setting guide to document your targets and achievements. 
Also included, is a food diary, exercise log and twelve months of email coaching, where you will get exclusive access to the program creator, himself.
What are the positives from this weight loss system?
• The Fat Loss Factor system is designed by a doctor who carries credentials in Natural health. He is a board certified chiropractic physician, Nutritionist and Wellness professional who has helped thousands of people to lose weight.
• The system enables you to lose weight and still eat your favorite foods in moderation.
• It has a simple step by step system that works for ordinary men and women.
• The core of the program will improve overall health as well as produce weight loss.
• The system is a long-term lifestyle solution and not just a temporary diet.
• There is a six-week money back guarantee if the program does not deliver results.
What are the negatives of this system?
• Organic foods are recommended for the program, which tend to be more expensive than non organic alternatives.
• Some people are not fond of cleanses.
• Some of the diet requirements of the system are not suited to all lifestyle choices.
From a personal standpoint I will generally endorse any natural product or system for losing weight, that will improve a person’s overall health, along with the added benefit of getting rid of unwanted body fat.
Chris Silverpen is a blogger, father, husband and online entrepreneur. Chris lives in the Caribbean and enjoys sun, sea and fun. 
He has been involved in Internet Marketing for a while and does specific reviews on weight loss products, in the Health and Fitness Niche.
Join Chris and learn more at http://ift.tt/1kpuEhS and http://ift.tt/1cgqXTG
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Honest Review of “Fat Loss Factor”

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