Using A Drinking Water Test Kit Will Keep Your Family Safe

By Leticia Jensen
The majority of us take our water supply for granted. It is piped into our home from the local water company and we use it for lots of different tasks throughout the household. We use it to clean, cook, wash and drink. It is very important that the liquid we get is pure, or at least extremely safe.

However, we often hear stories of the supply becoming contaminated. These are accompanied by people becoming extremely sick, something that we do not want to happen to our children. In order to reassure ourselves, we can now use a drinking water test kit to monitor the state of our water supply.

In most towns and cities people get their supply from the local utility company, and just except that what they distribute is fit for human consumption. The problem is that they do not have much control over what happens to the water once it is left their compound. It usually has to pass through miles of their pipes, which has been used for many years, and then onto the householders property, of which they have no responsibility.

Pipes that have been underground from many years can become corroded. This corrosion has an effect on the purity of the supply, because the slightest breach in any of these pipes or joints can be an entry to bacteria and chemicals. There are ways to monitor the purity level of your supply, so you can be assured that it’s safe to drink.

Some people find it hard to believe that it can cause a whole host of diseases, some fatal, to a family. These can include such things as legionnaires disease, lead poisoning, and heart problems. It only takes a small investment on your part to have a means of testing your own personal water supply.

Now you will find it simpler to test for contamination than it was in the past. Until these kits were devised you would have to send samples to your local laboratory for testing. This process could take time, and also be very expensive. After you have tested the water yourself, you may feel that you need a second opinion from an independent laboratory, but they are no longer the first port of call.

Unfortunately some of the bacteria that infect our supply do not give out any ghastly odors or tastes so it is difficult to judge whether there is something wrong. However, by testing the water yourself you should see if there is a problem. Though it is also important that you do know how to read the results..

If you are in any doubt about the results you get from these tests, you should seek specialist advice. It is very important that you are especially vigilant if there are small children, or anybody is pregnant, within the household. Do not worry what people think about you if you do ask for further tests, as these people would do exactly the same themselves in order to protect their loved ones.

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Using A Drinking Water Test Kit Will Keep Your Family Safe

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