How To Burn Fat And Lose 100 Pounds In A Year

Setting a target – 50 pounds in 6 months or 100 pounds in a year – makes a more disciplined approach to weight loss. It allows you to decide meal and exercise plans tailored to your physical needs and capacity. 
It also enables you to track your performance and evaluate and revise your efforts throughout. However, losing 100 pounds in a year is easier said than done; it is fraught with challenges particularly for one who is morbidly obese.
This article sketches an easy plan on how to burn fat and lose 100 pounds in a year. So, without wasting time any further, let’s get started.
Medical Supervision
It is fine to embark on a weight loss program without medical supervision. However, it is safer to go with it. The reason is there are several causes for weight gain other than dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle especially in women. 
Many women in the menopausal stage suffer thyroid problems and a dysfunctional thyroid is responsible for all those additional bulges. 
Such health issues impede weight loss efforts and are, in most cases, a primary reason why you aren’t able achieve your target of 100 pounds in 1 year despite regular exercise and dietary restrictions. 
Getting timely treatment for these health conditions will make it easier to burn stubborn fatty deposits and shed unwanted pounds.
Get Moving
For those women who lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary that you incorporate some movement in your life. If you have never exercised before, do not start directly with hard back-breaking exercises. 
You can start with light exercises and challenge yourself as your body gets used to it. Aerobic exercises are a great option for beginners as they are of a lower intensity and easier to pick up. 
Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, skipping and dancing increase the heart rate and speed up fat burning in the body.
Weight training is as important as cardio when it comes to losing 100 pounds in 12 months. It builds muscle and thereby sustains fat burning even when the body is at rest. 
There is a range of strength training exercises many of which can be done sitting down. Besides dedicated and structured exercise, you can also get active in other ways such as walking or cycling to the grocery store, taking the steps instead of the elevator etc.
Dietary Changes
We always equate weight loss with dieting. Mindful eating and not dieting is the key to losing 100 pounds in a year. What do we mean by mindful eating? 
It means calorie restriction. When it comes to calorie restriction, you should reduce your daily intake without depriving the body of its daily calorie requirements.
Mindful eating also means being selective of the foods you include in your meal. A weight loss meal should have more of fiber and protein and a limited quantity of fats, sugar and sodium. Eat several smaller meals every day as it helps keep a tab on hunger.
Join a Support Group
When working to lose weight, we often experience a sense of alienation; as thought we are the only ones struggling. Joining a support group where you can interact with like-minded people serves as a great source of inspiration and encouragement.
So, use these simple and straightforward tips to drop 100 pounds fast.
How would your life be if you were sexy and fit? If you take action now, you can lose all that extra fat in just a few months.
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How To Burn Fat And Lose 100 Pounds In A Year

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