Are You Making These 3 Common Dieting Mistakes?

Trying to lose weight but the pounds won’t come off? Wondering what you’re doing wrong?
Losing weight can be challenging. And it’s even worse if you’re making mistakes that sabotage your diet
Here are 3 of the most common diet mistakes that many people unknowingly make:
#1 Eating The Same Thing Every Day
Eating the same thing over and over every day will quickly sabotage your diet. Why? Because our bodies need a range of different nutrients found in different foods.
So your body will actually physically start to demand different foods. You might blame yourself, thinking that you just couldn’t stay on the diet.
But what you didn’t know is that your body physically needed different nutrients for survival. That’s why you ended up craving food other than what was on your diet.
How do you avoid this mistake?
Eat a variety of foods every day. Change it up.
Don’t eat the same old grilled chicken breast with salad every night or before long you’ll be ditching your diet in favor of more interesting – and fattening – foods.
#2 Not Eating Food That You Like
No diet is sustainable if you can’t stick with it over the long term (in a modified maintenance version). So thinking that you’ll be OK eating food that tastes like cardboard for the rest of your life is just not realistic.
Can you imagine if you actually enjoyed EVERY meal you ate? You probably wouldn’t be tempted to overeat – since you’d be satisfied. We usually overeat foods we dont’ like – because we hope somewhere along the line, the food will start to taste better.
Obviously you can’t lose weight eating chocolate bars and twinkies at every meal. But you also won’t lose weight (or keep it off) by eating food that is one grade above shoe leather.
Avoid this mistake by making sure you eat foods you like – even if that means you eat lower calorie versions of them.
For example, if you like chocolate, there are diets that include chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream in them. If you need a glass of wine, you can build this into your weight loss plan – but just cut out the calories somewhere else.
Enjoying your food will also give you the emotional sustenance you need to stay on the weight loss plan until you reach your goal. So don’t be afraid of eating food you enjoy on your diet – just get a lower calorie version.
#3 Trying To Do Too Much
Most people break their diets because they’re trying to do it all themselves. They shop for the food, spend hours preparing special “diet” meals, measure the portion sizes or count the carbs themselves.
And they do this on top of trying to work, look after kids, run their household, walk the dog… it’s just too much.
And when your child is crying or you’re late for that work deadline, guess which part of your life gets sacrificed? Your diet!
Admitting you need help is not a bad thing – it’s actually very smart. Successful dieters don’t have any more willpower than the rest of us – but they are smart planners.
They plan ahead by having healthy food on hand at all times. They plan their meals or they get a diet meal delivery service to do all the food prep and calorie counting for them.
Smart planning – and not trying to do it all yourself – is what ultimately gets you to your ideal weight.
So those are 3 common diet mistakes. Are you making one of them?
You’ll see faster weight loss results if you eat a varied diet every day, eat food you like and get help where you need it. You can do it!
Karen Johnson is chief editor for the Diet Food Delivery blog, offering the latest news on home delivery diets.
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Are You Making These 3 Common Dieting Mistakes?

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