Keep on Juicing: How to Successfully Maintain Your Juice Fast

The real challenge comes in the middle of juicing for weight loss when cravings for solid food are at its peak and you still haven’t seen results. 
It’s easy to give up but remember; all hard work leads to progress. Here are some tips you can follow to successfully maintain and complete your juice fast:
Be thankful for the chance to become healthier
Even though you are uncomfortable with your weight, what’s important is that you have a chance to do something about it and you chose to do it the healthy way. 
Most people complain about their body but quit in the middle of a weight loss diet – this takes them nowhere. Be thankful that you are in a situation wherein you have a chance to improve your health and strengthen your body. J
uicing for weight loss may not be a walk in the park, but there sure is a pot of gold waiting for you at the end.
Stay inspired
Inspiration is one of the biggest factors of achieving a goal. When juicing for weight loss, there are so many ways to help you stay inspired. 
One way you can do this is to create a mental image of how your body will look like once you complete the weight loss diet. 
Imagine yourself wearing clothes that you never thought you could fit into or receiving praises from your family and friends about how great your body looks. 
Let that image stir your inner determination to finish what you started. It also helps to look up to someone as an inspiration for your endeavor – someone who has gone through a juice fast and has already achieved what you want to attain. 
Read about his/her success story and realize that if someone can do it, you can do it as well and even better.
Keep moving forward
Whenever you successfully resist a moment of temptation, pat yourself in the back. Cheer for yourself whenever you finish another day of the juice fast. 
Always be proud of yourself. If you slip up, stand right back up, keep moving forward and don’t beat yourself over it. The key to a successful weight loss diet is realizing that you are bigger than the challenge. 
Everything is up to you – you will either be your biggest inspiration or your biggest hindrance to achieving your ideal body.
Believe in yourself and the power of your inner determination – a juice fast is but a small challenge compared to the rewards awaiting you.
Healthy dieting and eating is Donna H.’s passion and it has changed her life. With over a decade of experience and advice from nutritional experts, Donna spends her time writing about what she loves most – nutrition. 
Her book, Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss can be purchased on It is also available in Kindle edition.
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Keep on Juicing: How to Successfully Maintain Your Juice Fast

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