How To Avoid Dangerous Natural Teeth Whitening

By Debbie Ruffo
If your mother told you to eat your vegetables, it was probably because she wanted you to be healthy. She may not have known that just by eating crunchy fruits and vegetables you would also be building stronger, healthier teeth. Carrots, celery, pears, apples and other crunchy produce have natural teeth whitening effects.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have natural abrasives that act to polish teeth and remove stains. For this reason, they are great to add to the diet for their natural teeth whitening effects. Fiber filled produce also encourages saliva production which naturally protects teeth and washes away cavity causing bacteria.

Natural Teeth Whitening And Baking Soda

It makes little difference whether you are new to the concept of natural teeth whitening or if you have long used such methods to keep their teeth looking their best, you have probably already heard about the wonderful way baking soda contributes to natural teeth whitening. Mixed with lemon juice and brushed onto the teeth, it just takes a minute to brush stains away. just be aware that this can be damaging to the enamel of your teeth, so reserve this treatment for once a week.

Drinking Water For Natural Teeth Whitening

Even though drinking water directly after finishing a meal of drinking dark liquids is beneficial for keeping teeth white, most people are not aware of this. Swishing water in the mouth to loosen and rinse away leftover particles and stains can keep teeth brighter. Don’t forget to brush daily also.

Natural Teeth Whitening With Cheese

Strong enamel is important if you want to maintain white teeth. It is the enamel that protects the next layer of the teeth known as dentin. Even though enamel can experience staining, it is the dentin that actually determines your tooth color. By eating foods rich in phosphate and calcium, like cheese, yogurt and milk, you are keeping the enamel healthy and strong, thus protecting the dentin.

Berries Offer Natural Teeth Whitening

Yes, we all know that blue berries can stain the mouth, but no one is suggesting brushing teeth with these. Nevertheless, some berries can be used for their natural teeth whitening. Strawberries, in fact. Crush these berries into a pulp and brush them on your teeth. Leave them on for about five minutes, then rinse for whiter teeth.

Natural teeth whitening not your cup of tea? Don’t fret, you can still brush and floss your way to whiter, healthier teeth. Just by brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day, you will reduce the risk of developing gum disease or cavities. Excellent oral hygiene has also been proven to help reduce the risks of stroke and heart disease.

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How To Avoid Dangerous Natural Teeth Whitening

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