Obesity Prevention Programmes

There are many conditions that are sweeping the unhealthy nations of today, and it seems not only are type 2 diabetes and obesity an epidemic in adults, it’s being transferred to our children too. 
Being obese is the most common cause of type 2 diabetes, and the only way to prevent it is to shed those pounds and cut back on the unhealthy foods.
There are many things you could search for while looking for obesity prevention programmes, you could even make your own measures of prevention, but to start you off I’ve compiled what I feel are the most important aspects of preventing obesity, and how to go about implementing them.
1. Cut back or get rid of those fizzy teeth corroding drinks
2. EAT YOUR BREAKFAST. I can’t begin to stress enough that people who have a meal at breakfast time generally weigh less, and have more control of what they eat throughout the day. 
There are many benefits to this and will stress them at another time, but it will help more than you think
3. Do not eat in front of the TV and limit the time you allow your children to sit in front of it. Eating like this can cause mindless eating, therefore you aren’t engaging your brain on the amount you are eating, and therefore makes it easier to over eat.
4. Eat together as a family, eating the same meals at the same time. This will create routine, and what’s nicer than spending time with family?
5. Begin by planning simple, easy to prepare meals with fresh foods and avoid foods that have undergone a lot of processing, you’ll find it can be pretty easy to do!
6. It sounds silly, but get more exercise. The best way to do this is to slowly build yourself up to the idea of exercise, if you try doing a marathon with no prior experience chances are you’ll fail and you don’t want your first experience to be your only experience. 
Start by walking small distances, take the dogs for longer walks or walk to a friend’s house that isn’t far. You’ll find that not only will this build your confidence your mental state will improve as exercise like this gives us time to reflect and think.
7. Try to make some time for a little bit of activity, keep it simple but work at it. Maybe for 30 minutes every the music channel goes on while you clean, get the kids involved and make it active. 
Or even if it’s just making sure you’re getting up and moving each time the adverts are on.
This simple obesity prevention programme should set you in good stead when tackling obesity and helping your kids lose weight.
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Obesity Prevention Programmes

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