How Extreme Fitness Can Work For You

By James Spann
Working out is a very important part of life because people today don’t get the natural physical fitness they did in the past. As people in the past worked manually, even have to make their way to the gym. Today, many people work in offices where they do not have the opportunity to move around so much. Therefore, they have to somehow fit in a workout routine into their daily lives, and the more, the merrier, as is the case with extreme fitness.

Most people already understand that it is the challenging workouts that provide the better benefits. In these cases, people maintain their fitness levels and can reach for weight loss goals better than any other way. However, it’s important to do it within reason and progress to that point slowly. Extreme workouts for those who aren’t already physically fit can actually lead to injuries, especially to the muscles.

A good example of building muscle strength is with the CrossFit program. It has been developed to increase flexibility and cardiovascular strength. People are encouraged to use gymnastics, weight lifting, among other exercises that involve high intensity workouts. More and more people are becoming aware of its importance and benefits since it was started in 2000, in the United States.

Another high-intensity interval training program is called the Tabata protocol. Created by Dr. Tabata, who used a team of researchers to study the impact of high intensity intermittent training. Subjects trained intensely for exactly 20 seconds and then were given a 10 second rest, and repeated for four minutes.

The research was studied and tested for several weeks. The group of researchers found very impressive results, which demonstrated a huge improvement in the subjects’ oxygen consumption and anaerobic capacity. They were even proved that these four minute workouts can produce better results than endurance exercise lasting over an hour.

This team of researchers studied the benefits and harmful effects of extreme workouts, but did not find any harmful effects. The only precaution noted was that this type of intense workout was meant for, and should only be undergone by those, who are already at a certain level of fitness. Therefore, the recommendation is to reach that level in other ways before engaging in such workouts.

Being physically fit brings many benefits to people. It keeps them healthier overall, building a stronger immune system and fending off chronic diseases, like diabetes, for example. It means the possibility of living a longer life, and one where there is quality of life. It can allow people to be independent throughout their lives, experience more energy and a sharper mind.

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How Extreme Fitness Can Work For You

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