Who Wants to Learn About Visceral Fat?

A study was recently conducted that looked at how ethnicity and race might affect visceral fat levels in men and women, and the results were very interesting. 
The study looked at waist circumferences and Body mass index (BMI) and compared them to individuals of different ethnicities and races to find out whether or not this facet did indeed play a role in their predisposition for excess body fat.
The Study
The study consisted of about 85 different people; 66 African Americans, 47 white women and men and 72 Hispanic men and women. 
In order to measure BMI and waist circumference, the researchers made use of the standard, industry accepted methods, while the abdominal and the L-4, L-5 subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue (SAT) and Volumetric visceral abdominal adipose tissue (VAT) were both measured by making use of a computed tomography (CT).
The Results of The Study
According to the study, neither the men nor the women differed with regards to BMI or waist circumference. When it came to L-4, L-5 VAT, on the other hand, white men actually displayed a higher count than African American men did, and the Hispanic and white men all had a higher VAT count than the African American men.
When it came to the women, the study showed that the whites and the Hispanic women actually exhibited a higher L-4,L-5 VAT than the African American women, while only the Hispanics had a higher VAT total than the African Americans.
 It also seemed that the linear slope the relationship between waist circumference and BMI and VAT was actually lower in the African Americans when compared with the whites and the Hispanics.
Looking At the Results
According to the study, African American men and women who are older in age tend to have lower VAT scores, even though they have similar waist circumference and BMI measurements than white or Hispanic individuals. 
These relationships are interesting because they could end up highlighting metabolic risks in varying populations. The study has also shown that it might be necessary to adjust the BMI cutoff points, as well as the waist circumferences so that these end up reflecting the risks faced by the ethnic and the racial groups more adequately.
Ultimately, studies such as these could end up highlighting the risks that are faced by ethnic groups with regards to visceral fat levels and whether or not people are predisposed to struggling with higher levels of this sort of fat than others. In the end, this could help in establishing programs aimed at educating various groups on this topic.
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Who Wants to Learn About Visceral Fat?

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