A Basic List Of What To Eat To Lose Weight Effectively

When it comes to successfully losing weight, scientists and body experts always say that following and going on a strict diet and doing regular exercises should always go hand in hand. 
Doing both will certainly guarantee that people will lose all their unwanted fats and weight and of course, they will be able to have better toned and slimmed down bodies.
For people serious and really aiming to lose weight, it is not recommended that they shun all food and starve themselves. 
The key phrase that they need to remember and follow is to “eat smart”. If you want to lose weight without feeling too deprived or starved, you need to follow and have a diet that can help you still full and provide you the required energy to go about your daily work and your exercise or work-out routines.
To help you with your goals of being fitter and feeling healthier and better, below is a list created by health and diet experts of what to eat to lose weight effectively:
1. Blueberries. These “brain and anti-aging” food also provides anybody on diet healthy doses of antioxidants and fibre that will provide them feelings of fullness. But don’t feel guilty; they are very low on calories, with a cup of blueberries just about 85 calories.
2. Oats. This super food is not only good for the heart but it is packed with all the required dietary fibre and healthy carbohydrates that will boost metabolism and burn fat. 
Although it is general knowledge that anyone on diet should avoid carbs, this is not exactly true all the time since all people still need this on a daily basis to function properly and to be healthy. 
And if you want to know how to cut carbs to lose weight, study the carbs first because those with resistant starch like oats resist digestion (meaning, it does not get absorbed into the bloodstream and get broken down into glucose and raise blood sugar). When it comes to choosing the best carb option, oats should be one of your top picks.
3. Salmon. For people on diet who need protein, this fatty fish is the best option. Salmon is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFA which have been scientifically proven to target belly fat.
4. Broccoli. This vegetable is packed with “filling” fibre that help people in losing weight and also with other vitamins that help fight cancer.
5. Grapefruit. This wonderful fruit helps reduce insulin which is a fat-storage hormone. This is the perfect after-meal dessert to help with capping up any other additional cravings.
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A Basic List Of What To Eat To Lose Weight Effectively

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