Is Water Fasting an Effective Way of Losing Weight?

One method that some people have used in the past to lose a significant amount of weight is through a process called water fasting. 
This is basically the act of not consuming anything but water for a period of time. Some people fast for a few days while others fast for a few weeks! In this article, we examine whether water fasting is a good way to lose weight effectively.
First, it should be noted that water fasting should only be done under the supervision of a certified medical professional. 
It can actually be very dangerous if it isn’t done correctly. Water diets can be dangerous for your long-term health due to the lack of nutrients your body receives. 
While you are fasting, it is of paramount importance that you take vitamin pills to make up for not eating actual food. 
Of course, the water diet is effective in helping someone lose weight because they aren’t gaining any calories when drinking water. In order to lose weight, your body needs to have a calorie deficiency.
Another problem associated with this diet is the loss of muscle fiber. When your body no longer has a short-term supply of food to rely on in order to generate energy, it will start to burn long-term reserves in your body instead. 
One of these reserves is your muscle fiber. Eventually, you will start to lose muscle mass because the body is using it to keep you physically active. 
After the first day, it isn’t uncommon if people start to feel really weak and nauseous. People who go through water fasting will experience times when they’ll have trouble doing basic tasks such as walking. 
It may even seem impossible to pick up something relatively light. As you can see, this is one of the main reasons why water fasting should only be done under the supervision of a physician. Water fasting isn’t suitable for everybody.
Instead of using such diets, you will lose weight in a much healthier way by simply doing exercise on a regular basis. 
Exercising is very stressful at first. However, once you get past a certain point, it will no longer seem like an obstruction. 
Instead, you will embrace exercise. This only happens if you are able to maintain a regular workout schedule. Along with doing exercise on a regular basis, you should also maintain a healthy diet. 
You must make sure your body is getting all the important nutrients such as calcium and vitamin C.
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Is Water Fasting an Effective Way of Losing Weight?

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