How To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Fat

How To Lose That Stubborn Fat!
One of the hardest things for anyone to do is to lose stubborn fat; it takes time, effort and a lot of planning and willpower. 
There is no denying that losing excess weight will make us look and feel better, but did you know that it can also help us live longer? 
Losing weight and getting in shape has more benefits than drawbacks, so let’s get started losing weight right now.
First, you have to get rid of your preconceived notions about food; it’s not your enemy. We need food to live and not eating is the worst thing that anyone can do for their body. 
The problem most of us have with food is that we eat too much of it. If you can decrease your portion size and the amount of food you take in on a daily basis, you will be able to shed those unwanted pounds quickly and easily with much less effort.
There are many healthy alternatives to sugary snack foods like eating nuts and fresh fruit, but what about the foods that we eat daily? 
We can turn those into healthier decisions also. Add avocados to your salads and sandwiches instead of mayo and dressings; you can also substitute sweet potatoes for a side or even the main dish for a couple of nights every week. 
These low calorie super foods can really help you feel fuller for longer and help you lose that stubborn fat.
So remember, eat less, eat healthier and lose more stubborn fat. It’s a simple idea that a lot of people have a hard time understanding. 
Do whatever you have to when it comes to cutting back on food intake; use smaller plates, take home half of your meal at restaurants, cut out the late night snacks and the sweets. 
Every little bit helps in decreasing how many calories your body is taking in on a daily basis.
Now that we have diet taken care of, it’s time to start working out. It doesn’t matter if you have never stepped foot in a gym before and can barely lift your groceries; everybody has to start somewhere and doing something is better than doing nothing any day. 
This doesn’t mean to go to the gym and spend 5 minutes in the treadmill then leave.
If you are serious about losing excess weight and getting in shape, you need high intensity training. Whether you have to lose 5 pounds or 50, high intensity training will get your body into fat burning mode quickly and more effectively than any other form of exercise. 
Cardio alone doesn’t cut it anymore; you need resistance training to help build and tone your muscles. More muscle=more calories burned every single day. 
More calories burned=pounds and inches disappearing from your body. To effectively lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you are taking in.
Let’s review; you want to lose stubborn fat right? Proper diet and reducing your caloric intake combined with a solid regimen of exercise will have you losing weight and getting in shape in no time. 
Ditch the scales and buy a better mirror; see the changes happen right before your eyes and know that what you are doing is good for your body and your mind.
Remember, your body is 70% what you eat and 30% exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym!
How To Lose That Stubborn Fat!
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How To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Fat

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