Don’t Be Fooled By “Celebrity Diets”

Fact: No matter how famous or how beautiful or handsome or hot a celebrity might be, his or her body works exactly like yours works. Body weight is determined by calories in versus calories out, plus how fast your metabolism is burning those calories.
Of course the “beautiful people” also have plenty of money and can “cheat” with plastic surgery, liposuction, and risky weight loss drugs while supervised by a team of doctors who will do anything for a buck. 
They also have a PR department that makes sure every published photo is perfectly airbrushed. They can also hire personal trainers, personal dieticians, personal chefs, and personal makeup artists. But their bodies STILL work exactly like your body works.
Celebrities are often hired by companies that produce weight loss products to hawk their diet foods, diet plans, and exercise equipment. 
You can see these famous faces on the television set in your living room or den most every day and night.
Just remember this one fact as you watch these commercials and so-called infomercials: calories in vs. calories out and a healthy metabolism are what determine body weight. There is NO magic formula.
One thing is for sure, with programs like these you don’t have to think. You don’t have to make decisions about what or how much or when you will eat. 
You just eat the food that is sent to you or buy and eat the food you are told to – and nothing else. If you ONLY do this, of course you’ll lose weight. 
But it’s also guaranteed you that you didn’t learn a single thing about controlling your weight after the diet is over!
And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Not just losing the weight, but keeping it off PERMANENTLY. To do that, you need to learn how to make proper food choices AFTER the diet is over. 
What to eat in restaurants, how to prepare healthy and satisfying meals at home, how to monitor your weight intelligently, and how to exercise to kick your metabolism in gear.
Some celebs have even come up with their own diet plans. But really, is the purpose of these celeb diet plans is for the celeb to make money, or for you to lose weight? 
Ideally it’s both. But really, you don’t need a celebrity to tell you what to eat. You simply need to learn to choose foods that are wholesome, good for you, and that taste great so you can eat well forever.
Weight control after the diet is over is what really determines the success of the diet. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s almost a blessing – provided you learn about your body, what makes YOU gain, what portion control means, and what it feels like to finally have a slim, healthy body. 
Bests of all, you’ll have the information that will help you to keep the weight off even when the diet is over.
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Don’t Be Fooled By “Celebrity Diets”

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