Lose Weight With This Warm Wintertime Dessert Drink – A Great Way To Stop Your Sweet Tooth!

Staying on track with your diet can be challenging when the weather outside turns cold. Let’s face it, carrot sticks and low-fat dip do not satisfy your craving for something warm and sweet when the cold winter winds are howling outside your window.
Here is the perfect solution to warm your belly and quiet your cravings. And, at only 150 calories per cup, this is something you can enjoy every day!
To keep losing weight over the winter, whip up this simple drink and store it in your refrigerator. Then, warm up a cup anytime you hear your sweet tooth calling.
The Warm Wintertime Dessert Drink
To make this drink you will need grapefruit juice, water, honey, a cinnamon stick and whole allspice berries.
Grapefruit juice has tartness to it, but this tartness is tempered by the amount of water and honey that you add.
The honey adds just the right sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth.
One problem that comes with dieting over the winter months is that foods are comforting, especially sweet foods.
Unfortunately, sweets take very little time to eat. It does not take much time to gobble up a piece of cake or unwrap and devour a chocolate bar! This leads to overeating and a ton of worthless calories.
This warm wintertime dessert drink takes a long time to sip giving your brain time to realize that it is satisfied. And, the juice adds just enough to fill your stomach, which holds off hunger pangs.
The cinnamon stick adds just the right soothing aroma and cinnamon may add additional health benefits such as balancing your blood sugar levels.
Allspice berries can be found in the spice aisle of your local grocery store. You can vary the amount you like to suit your taste.
To make this warm treat, you place all of the ingredients in a saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil. Then, you simmer on low heat to allow the flavors to blend. The amount of simmering can be adjusted to suit your desired sweetness and tartness level.
A weight loss program should not be looked at as a punishment; it should be something kind that you do for your body and mind.
With great little finds, like this warm wintertime dessert drink, you will make weight loss easier and find the comfort you need to succeed through the cold winter nights.
Enjoy this drink as dessert to help you effortlessly transition away from dinner or enjoy a cup as a warm bedtime snack to wipe away cravings. It is wonderful!
Would you like to print out this recipe so you can make it whenever you feel a craving for something warm and sweet? You can print the recipe here Warm Wintertime Dessert Drink Recipe.
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Lose Weight With This Warm Wintertime Dessert Drink – A Great Way To Stop Your Sweet Tooth!

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