How To Use Sunlabs Products

By Haywood Hunter
It doesn’t really matter if you call them Sun Laboratories, Sun Labs simply Sunlabs, their self tanning products are just great. Famous Giesee tanners were also produced by their company. The company was established in 1983. Since then, they are the most appreciated manufacturer of self tanners.

Sunlabs products are widely appreciated for several reasons. The first and most important is the fact that they provide really excellent results, creating convincing shades that look completely natural. The color is applied quickly and easily without streaks or traces, and lasts about a week, with proper maintenance.

Some people avoid using self tanners, mostly because quite unappealing smell they often have. Sunlabs formula took care of this problem. Their products have light and appealing cherry almond fragrance, what makes them even more attractive to their users. Considering the fact that other similar products have strange odor and cannot provide so appealing results, it’s no wonder these self tanners are so popular.

Characteristic odor of self-tanning products appears thanks to DHA, the most important ingredient of all such products. DHA is derived from sugar, FDA approved and completely safe to use. When reacting with the amino acids in the surface layer of the skin, DHA creates fake tan, but this reaction develops a characteristic odor. Sunlabs innovative formula contains natural ingredients that successfully mask the smell.

Wide variety of different products can be found in Sunlabs offer. Great mousses and gels, facial creams and foams, as well as highly popular lotions are all available in different shades. This way you can choose lighter hues during winter, or more intense ones during summer months. All those shades will improve your appearance, making your skin radiant and your body visually slimmer. Besides, bronze tan covers small imperfections as well.

Sunlabs tanning lotion is probably the most popular product in their offer, especially the darkest one available. Some other products can be very effective as well. Instant mousse, for example, creates very nice color instantly. If you are in a hurry, this is your best choice. Some products are washable, and some provide more permanent results.

Most Sunlabs self tanning products need several hours to achieve the final color. When the color is finally set, it won’t leave any stains or traces, and you can behave quite normally, with no concern for your bedding or clothing. If you are interested in really intense dark shades, Sunlabs products are the right choice. So dark and attractive shades you will not find anywhere else.

Professional salons are happy to use Sunlabs tanning products. They can be used both in tanning booths and for airbrush gun. Applied by an airbrush, the color is really impeccable. Using airbrush technology, the color is applied in for of a light mist. The skin is perfectly covered this way, especially if applied by a real pro. You will find an airbrush gun or handy spray applicator for home use as well.

If you need special equipment, it is also available in sets. These handy little sets contain all the things you need for applying your Sunlabs tanning solution, including exfoliating gel and a moisturizer. You can choose the set containing a spray applicator, or the one that contains a little airbrush gun.

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How To Use Sunlabs Products

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