Common Symptoms of Post-Nasal Drip

You must know that post-nasal drip has a number of symptoms and causes. People who experience this disorder usually describe an unpleasant feeling of mucus in the back of the throat. 
Post-nasal drip causes an annoying sensation that makes a person want to constantly clear his/her throat. This irritating condition cause discomfort and can disrupt your day.
Excessive liquid contains inflammatory substances, which can trigger a cough that usually gets worse at night. Thick, sticky, green or yellow mucus in your nose causes congestion in the sinuses and nasal passages. 
As a result, you will notice difficulty in breathing through your nose. If your throat is sore or dry, you will also notice difficulty in breathing through your mouth. It is really irritating!
Symptoms of post-nasal drip
Sings of post-nasal drip vary in intensity, duration and frequency among individuals. Some of the common symptoms of post-nasal drip can be similar to the symptoms of normal allergic reactions.
You may notice such sings as:
  • Running nose due to flow of mucus;
  • Coughing, wheezing, frequent spitting;
  • Constant swallowing, leading to an excessive air volume in the stomach which may cause discomfort;
  • Constant clearing of throat, tickling in the throat, difficulty in breathing;
  • Broken or cracking voice, chronic sore throat;
  • Mucus feeling in the throat, rigid burning sensation at the throat;
  • Bad breath (halitosis), frontal cranial pressure;
  • Oropharyngeal mucosa with cobblestone appearance;
  • Congestion in the sinuses and nasal passages;
  • Snorting to remove mucus from the throat and nasal passages that cannot be removed by blowing one’s nose;
  • Masses formed in the tonsils that are usually yellow or white (called tonsil stones);
  • Vomiting, nausea, fatigue.
Some of these symptoms you can easily recognize yourself without the doctor’s help. However, some of them only your physician can find out.
Causes of post-nasal drip
This irritating condition can be resulted from several reasons. For example, when a patient has a cold or flu, he/she often suffers from post-nasal drip. 
Excessive mucus in the throat can be also produced because of too cold or too hot temperatures. In some cases pregnancy and hormonal changes may also cause post-nasal drip. 
Apart from that, excessive mucus production can be resulted from such conditions as allergies, drug side-effects and structural problems (enlarged turbinates, enlarged adenoids or deviated septum).
Moreover, post-nasal drip can be produced by sinus or environmental irritants (smog, tobacco smoke), foreign bodies (particularly, if the flow is from one side), nasal infections, low humidity, advanced age and even stress.
Despite the fact that this disorder is not a medical condition, you should treat it as soon as possible; otherwise, it may cause serious health problems, especially if it lasts for a long time. 
You should see your physician as soon as you notice certain symptoms. He/she will give the right medicine for this disease, depending on the causes and intensity of your condition.
More useful information about post nasal drip symptoms you may see by clicking this link. Be healthy!

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