What Is Post-Nasal Drip?

The glands in our body produce from 1 to 2 quarts of mucus every day, in the area of throat, nose and stomach, which helps our organism to destroy different bacteria. 
Normally, we don’t even notice the mucus from our noses because it mixes with saliva and harmlessly drips down. But as soon as our body starts to produce more mucus than it usually does, it becomes noticeable and here comes the post-nasal drip. 
What is post nasal drip? This is an inflammatory process in the nasal cavity, sinuses or in the nasal part of the pharynx, when the mucus is dripping into the lower respiratory tract.
First, this condition was described in 1794 by Frank, who called it “a pharyngeal form of chronic catarrh”. 
Later, in 1886, Dobell discovered that post-nasal catarrh could be acute and chronic, and it was not an independent pathology, but a specific expression of other diseases.
Mostly, this syndrome progresses along with sinusitis, caused by pathology of the nasal cavity structure. Along with any inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, the mucus drips down the back of the throat right into the nasal part of the pharynx. 
Moreover, this effect depends on the position of the human body. So that when the person is in the horizontal position, the mucus, while dripping, gets into the areas, which stimulate cough. 
It doesn’t occur in vertical position, that is, the mucus drips anyway, but the person reflexively swallows it, so it almost doesn’t get on the epiglottis, receptors, which stimulate cough, therefore nothing irritates you.
Post-nasal syndrome symptoms are similar to the symptoms of regular upper respiratory tract infections. That is nasal congestion, cough, and difficulty in nasal breathing. 
A headache and pain in the sinuses, shortness of breath and wheezing are possible as well. But the main symptom – is mass congestion in the nasal passages and mucus dripping down the throat. 
These mucus bunches can sometimes be even orange-brown color. These symptoms are getting worse in the morning, and the ones who suffer from the post-nasal syndrome often wake up with a feeling of discomfort in their throat. 
This feeling annoys, and makes you want to constantly clear your throat.
What may cause post nasal dripping?
Except for previous diseases, there are a bunch of other factors that may cause this irritating process, such as dust, smoke, alcohol, excessive use of different nasal sprays, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, or pregnancy.
Prevention measures
So what is post-nasal drip prevention? This lies in preventing and timely treatment of diseases which cause this syndrome. 
People with allergies, depending on the cause of the allergy, need to follow the calendar of plants blooming, to keep an eye on different animals around or follow the diet. 
Those, who easily catch cold, should steel themselves against diseases, take different vitamins, strengthen the body and of course dress warmer.
Besides, in case there are any defects of nasal cavity structure, it is better to fix them in advance, so that these problems won’t cause the post-nasal drip in future.
If you have any of the post-nasal drip symptoms, do not hesitate and take the necessary measures as soon as possible.
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