Stop Making These Mistakes For Quick Weight Loss

Stop making the following mistakes for healthy weight loss.
Stop under estimating the amount of food you consume every day. Every last bit counts. So if you tasted pasta sauce while making it, note it down.

If you ate a few pieces from your partner’s plate at dinner, that counts too. If you nibbled on small biscuit or a big cake that counts too. 

So, note down in a journal every bit of food that you ate through the day and you will realize your daily calorie intake is in far excess of what you thought. 

Keep a close watch on the calories you consumed to get an accurate estimate of your food intake.

Stop overestimating your activities. Folks tend to exaggerate the amount of activity they do. For instance just going to the gym and hanging out with friends does not count as exercise.

If you were on the treadmill for 10 minutes and spent the next 15 watching your friend apply makeup to her eyes. It means you spent 10 minutes of your total gym time exercising not 25 minutes.

If you walk for 5 minutes to the salon and spent 20 minutes in the chair getting pampered and walked back. Then you spent 10 minutes walking not 40 minutes.

Keep an accurate account of your activity schedule to know the calories burned.

Don’t get carried away by diets and fitness plans that celebs and friends rave about. It might have worked for them. But chances are the same program may not be suited for you.

Every one is different in their activities, diet habits, discipline and genetic structure. Some people gain and lose weight easily.

Others find it much more difficult. It is better to choose a program that suits your lifestyle rather than that of a celeb or a friend.

It is easy to fall for some seductive weight loss programs and after investing time and energy find that is simply not working for you.

Consuming healthy foods doesn’t cause weight loss. Consuming just the right amount and not overindulging helps you by not accumulating any more weight.

Read the food labels and eat just the amount of calories that you need. You think that if it is healthy it doesn’t matter how much you consume. Well it matters.

Eat the right amounts of the right kind of food and exercise the right amount of time to see a major change in your body shape and size.

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Stop Making These Mistakes For Quick Weight Loss

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