Portion Size Mistakes And Other Weight Loss Tips

Cooking spray is another deceptively healthy choice. You are supposed to spray just 1/3rd of second to get your recommended dose. 
Most people just spray thinking it is a healthy choice as you are not pouring any oil in your food. But if you spray for a second or more you are getting way more calories than what you calculated. 
And if you did not note down the calories from your cooking spray thinking it is negligible you will be making a huge mistake.
Plain old whole wheat bread seems a relatively healthy choice till you realize that some breads are huge and their serving size is just one slice. 
If you making your own sandwich and taking it from home and assuming you made healthy choice and are controlling your portion size without consulting the product labels you will be eating double the amount. 
Check all food and product labels for recommended serving sizes vary across vendors. You would be making avoidable mistakes on your weight loss journey.
How can you go wrong with fruits? Well it is one of the healthiest choices in terms of snacks and you can’t really go too wrong it. Right? Wrong. 
The serving size of fruits is based on their size and weight. Since nature never serves anything in one size you better measure before you eat. One serving of grapes is approximately 16 grapes. 
If you sit in front of huge bowl of grapes and finish the whole thing off you probably ate 4-5 servings.
Serving size of sodas is 12 ounces. Most people just buy a large bottle or fill up a large cup as it is cheaper and plop it in front of them while working or watching TV. 
They end up consuming 4-5 times their recommended amount of drink with large amounts of sugar too. Stop drinking soda altogether or if you have to choose the smallest cup and stick to it. 
Don’t over indulge on this sugary treat as it neither contains nutrition nor a capacity to fill your stomach so you don’t feel hungry later. It only makes your hungry half hour later.
Don’t sit all day at your desk and come home to plop in front of the TV. It is not going to help you burn any calories if you lead an almost comatose life. 
Every hour get up from your desk and walk up the stairs to a water cooler on another floor. Try to take the stairs whenever possible. 
Get off the elevator a couple of floors away from your destination floor and take the stairs. Instead of sitting down at watching TV set up an exercise machine like treadmill or bicycle. 
Walk or cycle away to your favorite movie. Instead of sitting down pick up a duster and clean the cupboards and shelves in the room while watching TV. 
Fold laundry or cut vegetables standing up and watching your favorite TV program.
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Portion Size Mistakes And Other Weight Loss Tips

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