How To Lose Fat and Build Muscles Simultaneously

To be able to lose fat and gain muscles at the same time, three things are necessary; diet, strength training and cardiovascular exercise.
I believe that anyone can lose weight and build muscles with determination and willpower. By putting your mind into it and being consistent you will get the results you want.
Diet is essential
Regulate carbohydrates intake
Limiting your carbohydrates intake will help you lose weight. Do not get me wrong though, we need carbohydrates to fuel energy to our bodies during workouts and help the body absorb proteins. Here are some healthy carbohydrates that should be in your diet.
Oatmeal – eating this will lower chances of diabetes and high blood pressure. Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber which will boost your metabolism and keep you full for long.
Whole grains- these are a good source of carbohydrates. Just like oatmeal, they reduce chances of high blood pressure and diabetes. 
Limit the consumption of these carbohydrates to one in every meal. Remember to consume enough calories as well.
Eat more proteins
Proteins are important especially in building muscles. They also help boost your metabolism as the body uses more energy to digest proteins than it uses with carbohydrates and fats. 
As you engage in strength training your muscles get micro tears, proteins help repair these tears after workout. Here are some good proteins; lean beef, chicken, fish, beans and eggs.
Say NO to processed foods
Processed foods have many additives, are low in nutrients and have had a great deal of their vitamins, minerals and fiber stripped away. 
Not to add the unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners and synthetic minerals. Some of the processed food you should avoid include: frozen pizza, hot dogs, packaged chips and cookies, lunch meats or any others you may think of.
Remember to consult a nutritionist before you start a new diet.
Cardiovascular exercises
This is important because the exercises raise your heart rate and make the heart stronger. A strong heart will pump oxygen to all parts of the body which will help in burning fat and building muscles.
For cardiovascular exercises to be effective, regularly training is necessary.Exercise at least 4 times a week with 30 minutes exercises every session.
Here are some effective cardiovascular exercises that you should do; running, riding, swimming, rope jumping, dancing and walking. Staying consistent is the key here, avoid taking long breaks.
Strength training
Resistance training and lifting weights is the key to building and toning muscles, if done properly. To be able to avoid injuries and get effective results, you have to learn how to do every exercise properly.
Just like in cardiovascular exercises, you need to be consistent with your workouts. You can train a maximum of three times a week for a start then move up to four days as you advance.
Form is more important than weight, learn how to do each exercise the right way. Engage in different exercises everyday for maximum muscle development and more defined muscles.
Anybody can lose weight and build muscles. All you need is to be consistent and committed and you will get there in no time. As I always say, drink lots of water.
For total success to be achieved in losing weight, there are things you MUST learn, understand then implement. This free guide details all the information needed for a successful weight loss. 
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How To Lose Fat and Build Muscles Simultaneously

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