Why Do We Give Up on Eating Well and Getting Fit?

It occurs so very frequently – we resolve to go on with a health and physical fitness program with zest and likely much fanfare too; however within the first few week of going into the plan, everything peters out. 
Why is it that we don’t stick with the diet plans, the morning jogging plans, the physical exercise plans that we make?
What can we do to ensure we keep going with these plans, for our own sake and for the sake of the individuals that are dependent on us?
Are you eating simply to satisfy your appetite or to make your taste buds happy? Or are you eating in order to take better command of your life?
If we hear about the failure of diets or gym plans all around us, commonly it isn’t the fault of the diet or fitness plan. 
Commonly it is the fault of the individuals who started with much commotion about going through these plans, telling all their acquaintances and co-workers about it, and then didn’t abide by those programs. 
The individuals who abandon the exercise or diet halfway do not see the advantages, naturally, and everybody blames the diet or the fitness plan they decided to follow.
The problem has a lot to do with the way people think about food as well as the sedentary lifestyles we lead.
According to some recent research done by the National Health Service in the UK, there has been a marked increase in obesity rates over the past eight years – in 1993 13% of men and 16% of women were obese – in 2011 this rose to 24% for men and 26% for women. 
For children attending reception class (aged 4-5 years) during 2011-12, 9.5% were obese.
We all already know what we have to do in order to succeed which is:
• Control what we consume. 
• Indulge in some sort of physical exertion.
There is a website that looks at both of these issues and discusses how we can ensure that we stick to these diet and fitness plans.
One or two generations ago, individuals wouldn’t dream of picking up whatever junk food they could get in order to feed their faces. 
Nowadays, we do that so very casually. “I’m hungry” commonly means “I want a burger or a hot dog, likely with chips on the side and some cola.” And, “I am on a diet” means “I am on a chemically ridden pill which will defeat my hunger and deprive my body of vitamins.” 
It’s genuinely no wonder that we are facing so many health issues today. Even though we are aware that this is damaging to our health we still continue to do it anyway. In 2011 in the UK, 53% of obese men and 44% of obese women were found to have high blood pressure. 
During 2011-12 there were 11,736 hospital admissions due to obesity – this over 11 times higher than during 2001-02.
Having said all this there is hope and the object of this short piece is not to depress anyone or drive them to despair. 
Believe it or not there are a lot of foods out there that are just as tasty as those awful junk foods but a lot of people don’t yet know about them or are yet to discover them.
Many of these foods are listed on http://ift.tt/1hd3R8p
These are the foods that get very little coverage for their health benefits, we likely don’t care for them as we don’t know how to prepare them, but a healthy cookbook may help you in understanding assorted and interesting ways to healthy cooking and eating.
Article Source: http://ift.tt/1hd3SJh

Why Do We Give Up on Eating Well and Getting Fit?

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