Add These Essential Habits to Shed Your Unwanted Pounds

Total body care means paying attention to everything from diet and exercise, mental health and wellbeing, to complete nutrition. It also means admitting to yourself when you need to lose a few pounds.
It is very easy to gain weight in the modern world. Not only are processed, convenience, and fast foods a handy alternative to cooking a healthier meal, but our schedules can be so busy as to leave “junk food” as our only option.
This says that we have to make a choice – health and vitality or a toxic lifestyle. Yes, it is that extreme, but you can take control of the situation. 
Just consider that you can find ways to create healthy snacks and meals that you take with you as you head out the door. You can find methods of adding 15 to 30 minutes of fitness into every day.
Sure, it requires a bit of planning and effort, but you can easily get yourself into the habit of healthy eating and a dose of daily fitness. Once you do that, you will then find it easier than ever to shed unwanted pounds.
Understanding Weight Loss
Now, there is a lot more to be gained (no pun intended) from weight loss than lower numbers on the scale. There is the cleansing of the body and a true understanding of what the body needs in terms of diet and calories.
Few of us understand how calories even work. For example, do you know that there are a baseline number of calories your body needs every day? 
Yes, it is called the “basal metabolic rate” (or the BMR). And this is a number that indicates how many calories you have to consume each day (without movement or exercise) to maintain your current weight. 
It is unique to you and it requires a calculation that uses the height, weight, age, and gender to tabulate.
Once you have your BMR you can then divide it into three to five meals and snacks. However, keep in mind that this is a figure that applies only if you were to lay on the couch all day. 
As you exercise, the caloric need goes up or it means that you will start to shed pounds.
Calories and Energy
How does that work? If you have a BMR of say, 1500 calories per day and you make a habit of walking three brisk miles in 45 minutes each day, you will burn up around 350 to 400 calories just walking. 
If you eat the full 1500 calories for the BMR, you are still coming in at a deficit because of fitness.
That is the only safe way to drop pounds. While a period cleansing is a good idea if done properly (we would suggest long, slow cleanses that use whole and raw foods and herbal remedies to gently eliminate toxins rather than any chemical formulas that can cause harm), the best way to drop weight and keep your vitality is to know how many calories you need, consume them in the form of fresh and living food, and to do enough exercise each day to create that desirable deficit.
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Michael Janamian
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Add These Essential Habits to Shed Your Unwanted Pounds

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