The Muffin Top Mystery – How Do I Get Rid of This Muffin Top – Not By Eating Healthy

Well, I admit it, we are really pushing the envelope here. The waters are getting deeper with each article we add to this series as we try passionately to de-mystify the mystery of the muffin top that WON’T GO AWAY.
The question of how to get rid of this muffin top gets weightier and more stressful with each passing year that we lug it around.
So Far, in case you haven’t seen the other articles, we have said that it is Not By Exercise, and it is Not by Eating Less and today we are saying that, believe it or not, it is Not by Eating Healthy?
If you just gagged on your healthy smoothie as you read this, I’m sorry but it’s your fault. Pick up a napkin, clean up the mess, and keep reading.
We are simply trying to ‘de-fang’ the fads
The Exercise Fad
For Example, the exercise fad… you know who I mean… all those muffin tops who are always at the gym. They’re on the machines, under the weights, and in the classes. It’s pathetic to see the same MT’s (muffin tops) for months on end and no visible changes.
Are we saying don’t exercise? God Forbid! Here are the Ten Irrefutable Benefits of Exercise:
Reduces the Risks and effects of Many Types of Cancers. 
Reduces the Risks of developing Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. 
Reduces the risk of heart disease, decreases cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. 
Helps fight depression and enhances confidence and self-esteem. 
Increases natural protection against cold and flu viruses. 
Prevents many physical and cognitive problems associated with aging. 
Increases energy levels and reduces stress. 
Lessens chronic pain. 
Improves quality of sleep. 
Increases productivity, memory and improves mental sharpness.
Now who can argue against the absolute necessity of exercise?
The Diet Fad
When it comes to the innumerable diets that claim to help you rid yourself of that muffin top… our position is the same. At best they may help some people to some degree, but dieting is not the answer and in most cases is simply a waste of money.
Again, are we saying don’t diet? God Forbid!. When is it a bad thing to try to cut calories and control what you eat in America where nearly 70% of adults are either overweight or obese?
So with today’s title, are we saying don’t eat organic kale? God Forbid!
A good balance of healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs are absolutely essential for a long and healthy life.
By the same token… now listen up… many could argue that cherries are healthy (I love cherries) but they’re not good for your muffin top, nor are a lot of fruits that are high in fructose like pineapples for example.
Who would argue that organic pineapple is not healthy? Or what about nuts… an absolutely essential source of good fats and protein… BUT NOT SALTED… or we are not losing our muffin top?
Sugar and Salt are best friends with our muffin tops.
Should we abandon them altogether? (Ready?…I think you know the answer..) God Forbid! We need some sugar and some salt because deprivation is also one of our muffin top’s best friends.
If you are an MT (muffin top) pay close attention, when it comes to exercise, diets and healthy eating, NO EXTREMES PLEASE.
Be smart, balanced, and do all of them while maintaining a laser focus on the one indispensable component for getting rid of your muffin top. 
In fact, all the exercise, dieting, and healthy eating one could possibly do will be rendered useless without a consistent focus on this one simple substance.
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The Muffin Top Mystery – How Do I Get Rid of This Muffin Top – Not By Eating Healthy

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