Get Freaky Big With These Training Intensity Tips

Partial Reps
Partial reps are a shock method that shocks the muscle even further to complete muscular failure. Partial reps are more effective at the end of the set, when your almost exhausted. 
For example if you where doing straight bar curls and couldn’t do another full rep, you would then lift the weight up as much as possible, continuing to do so until you can not do no more. 
At the end of your set your muscle should be exhausted and burning. Partial reps are a favorite among bodybuilders such as Dorian Yates, Mike Mentzer, Leroy Davis and much more.
Forced Reps
Forced reps are a particular favorite of mine and I believe that these reps are the growth reps. By growth reps I mean that these final reps signal the body for growth and turns on your your bodies growth mechanism. 
Forced reps are basically what they sound like, basically your training partner or spotter would help you squeeze out a couple more reps, while going to complete failure. 
At the end of the set your muscles should be on fire, and once again this is a particular favorite of Dorian Yates, Leroy Davis and Mike Mentzer.
Negative Reps
For those of you that do not know the muscle fiber rips more on the negative movement then the positive movement of the exercise. 
These rips are the ones that count since they will make you grow, since your body will repair these rips, if you recover properly. 
Negative reps are when you lower the weight slowly inch by inch. When doing negatives you should feel a burning sensation in your muscles, this is perfectly normal. 
Negative reps where made famous with HIT or high intensity training, which was made famous by Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates.
The Body Shock Principle
The body shock principle involves literally shocking the body, catching it by surprise by changing various aspects of your workout. 
This could mean either lifting heavier, lifting for more reps, trying a new training program or changing the time you workout at. 
The shocking principle was made famous by seventies bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Lou Ferrigno.
Forced Negatives
To develop even more training intensity in negative repetitions, have your training partner or spotter press down on the weights as you lower it, forcing you to cope with the greater resistance. 
Once again this was made famous by Mike Mentzer, Leroy Davis and Dorian Yates. Remember this should be done carefully and smoothly, remember safety is first!
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Get Freaky Big With These Training Intensity Tips

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