Weight Loss With Hypnosis-The Effective Painless Way to Lose Weight

The easiest fastest, and most successful way to do this is using self-hypnosis. By using CD’s especially prepared by a professional hypnotherapist, you are taking advantage of his expertise, although, it is possible to record your own CD’s.
Your subconscious absorbs these positive ideas, replacing your old beliefs with new positive thoughts. First you are relaxed by instructions from the hypnotist, and then your new thought patterns are absorbed. 
You are awake but in a comfortable relaxed state, similar to dropping off to sleep.
Will power is not nearly as effective as hypnosis, with hypnosis, your beliefs are changing into your new planned thought patterns. With will power you are fighting your old beliefs, making it much harder to succeed.
So this is your almost effortless journey to the new you. Your only requirement is to listen daily until you are satisfied with your results, knowing you have the CD to replay in the future, if in time you lapse! Imagine the cost of a professional hypnotherapist against the cost of a prepared CD.
This time you will succeed!
Past efforts may have been sabotaged by friends, and not so friendly comments, your own disbelief, and doubts.
Diets don’t work long-term. If diets actually worked why would people hop from one diet to the next throughout their lives? 
Dieting is the worst thing you could possibly do. When you finish your diet, having hopefully lost some weight, you are probably sick to death of a rigid regime of some selected foods. 
You may also have restricted the amount eaten, with the result, that when you are “freed” of the constraints of the diet, you slip back to old favourites and probably unhealthy fatty, sugary snacks.
On your diet your body thought it was in starvation mode (from cave men times) and to conserve rations probably lowered your metabolism. 
Now you feel free of your diet you are likely to put on those pounds again very fast. This could be why you felt lethargic and tired most of the time you were dieting. 
Later you tried another diet and this is where the yo-yo effect starts. Your body is being starved of vital nutrients and when you aren’t dieting you are probably eating too many “treats” and sweet surgery, fatty ready meals biscuits etc. therefore quickly putting on the pounds again.
What your body really needs is a wholesome healthy diet, with reasonable portions, you shouldn’t go hungry missing meals. Eat fresh vegetables, fruit, protein and whole-meal carbs, not white flour foods when possible.
There is also a new finding that when equal amounts of fat to sugar, is used in foods they have a very appealing addictive flavour. This, it would appear, is why doughnuts, cakes and biscuits are so popular. They also pile on the pounds!
People eat for many reasons besides hunger, it could be depression, loneliness, anger, stress or boredom. How often have you found yourself chomping though a packet of biscuits without realising you were eating. 
Then of course there are the secret eaters who don’t even admit to themselves they are eating twice as much as they would admit to.
Today there are so many tempting snack foods available it is little wonder the population is becoming obese. Stop now, the longer you leave it, the harder it will be, as every day you are probably increasing your problem. 
Eat healthily, take some exercise, and support your efforts with a hypnosis CD. They are inexpensive relaxing and very supportive in creating a NEW CONFIDENT SLIMMER YOU!
My name is Anne, I would like to introduce you to a painless, effective way of slimming, that has worked for me, when accompanied by a healthy diet and some exercise.
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Weight Loss With Hypnosis-The Effective Painless Way to Lose Weight

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