Weight Loss Drinks: Sneaking Water Past Your Taste Buds

We know, we know, you are sick and tired of hearing everybody tell you to drink more water! Before you stop reading, please just hear us out. 
If you keep reading this article, by the time you finish, we will have you drinking more water! Seriously! We mean it! Come on, keep reading!
Oh yes! Awesome! You’re still here! We want to give you some new, fresh ideas about how to actually enjoy the taste of water. 
We heard you! No, we’re not talking about squeezing lemon into your water. The first thing we want you to do is change your mind set about what your body will consider to be water (speaking strictly from a weight loss standpoint). 
We want you to consider any liquid that DOES NOT HAVE caffeine, sodium, or calories as water. Your body can actually use this sort of liquid to flush the fat out of your cells.
Here is a list of “water” ideas you may not have thought of.
Perrier Sparkling Water: Add a shot of sugar free flavored syrup to Perrier and you’ve got yourself a healthy “soda.” Try flavors like Root Beer, Lemon and Lime, or Orange. 
DaVinci has a huge selection of sugar free syrups; you can order all of the flavors online at Amazon.com. A 25 oz. bottle will last a while and help you consume more water. Our favorite way to carry Perrier in our lunch is the handy little soda can.
Sugar Free Jello: Think of the possibilities! Okay, it does have 45 grams of sodium, so we don’t think you should have more than one serving a day to help with your water intake. 
Make up a bunch of Jello and put it in containers for your lunch. Add a weight loss shake and you’ve got a pretty satisfying lunch.
No or low sodium Chicken or Beef broth: That’s right, take all or most of the sodium out and you’ve got fabulous tasting water that is disguised as a cup of soup! 
You can find tons of selections at, you knew we were gonna say it… Amazon.com! We love Amazon.com. They have EVERYTHING!
DECAFINATED coffee or tea: While these have a small amount of caffeine and may adversely affect people with caffeine sensitivity, for the average person decaf coffee and tea are a good way to add fluid to your diet. What’s that? 
You say you don’t like tea? You haven’t tried the right tea! You have got to try Good Earth Original: Sweet and Spicy. It’s a sweet, cinnamony, heaven for your taste buds. 
Tea is a perfect way to calm you at the end of the day. Add a little Splenda or ice to change things up.
Add a squirt of Dasani Drops to your water: Pineapple Coconut, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Pink lemonade are the flavors offered by Dasani. 
The small container fits easily into a pocket or purse, making it the perfect choice for dining out at a restaurant or the home of a friend.
Now, here is the breakdown of a day full of water based fluids that don’t actually taste like water: 
Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee (16oz.) 
Lunch: Perrier (10 0z.), Jello (6 oz.) 
Dinner: Broth (8 oz.) 
After Dinner: Cup of hot tea (8oz.) 
That’s 48 ounces of liquid! You only need 16 more ounces to get in your 64oz. daily recommendation.
Here’s how to get those last two servings of water into your day: 
Between breakfast and lunch pop a piece of sugar free gum into your mouth, let all the good gum flavor saturate your taste buds, drink 8 oz of water through a straw! Do the same thing between lunch and dinner and you’re done!
Here’s a toast to you on your increased water intake!
Wishing you good luck and good health.
For inspiration, research, recipes, and other great weight loss ideas, go to http://ift.tt/1lsrGrd.
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Weight Loss Drinks: Sneaking Water Past Your Taste Buds

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