Proper Calorie Intake in Order to Lose Weight

The amount of calorie intake depends and it varies with men and women. Women need only about 1200 calories per day while men may need 1500 calories per day. 
A calorie that’s decreased below 1000 will cause malnutrition. So some pills will help, if adequate diet and exercise is followed by maintaining the energy levels and metabolic rate levels. Low energy food is healthy and helps in reducing the fat.
The excess intake of carbohydrate has to be noted, as it will be converted into sugars and finally get deposited as flab in various parts of the body.
In order to have good results, rich nutritional food in small quantities will work out rather than one full meals of calorie rich food. 
Thus it is assured that with good quantity one can still maintain the energy levels. Putting a good diet plan will work out and will give minerals, vitamins, antioxidants necessary for the body too.
A typical diet plan like:
Morning Breakfast
• Oatmeal with banana/skimmed milk
• Bread, Fish with salad, low fat cheese etc
Evening bite
• could be any fruit pomegranates, grapes etc
• Broccoli, Spinach, brown rice, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes etc
Avoiding those foods which cause much cravings will help in reducing weight like burger, soft drinks etc.
Calorie intake should not be cut short heavily within small period, because it may cause imbalance in the body which results in body utilizing large amount of protein with carbohydrate (glycogen) of the muscles which will lean the muscles and slow down metabolism, in turn result in gaining more weight than ever before. 
So a balanced diet with balanced exercise along with some supplements will help to speed the process of cutting flab.
Food rich in calcium like yoghurt, cheese which is enriched with high quality protein should not be avoided completely and should be taken in limited amount like 1/2 liter milk or 50 grams cheese. 
Fruits and vegetables should be taken as 5 servings a day, since fruits contain a substance called photochemical which helps in keeping you energetic and can maintain good health, while allows you to exercise effectively which ultimately results in burning more calories.
Fiber rich food should be included in diet which helps to absorb low fat with every meal, thus decreasing calorie intake. 
Above all, drinking plenty of water will keep you fresh and energized as it has capacity to remove the dead cells. To start with, you can reduce about 500 calorie from what you intake. 
If it is preceded well, then you can again reduce another 200 calorie, like that in a planned manner, you can help your body attain the new balanced state of energy you want and can attain the shape you want with some natural supplements or pills
In order to restrict the absorption of fat, our carbohydrate blocker present in pills assists by reducing certain amount of carbohydrate intake by freezing it, with the help of action of Phaseolamin, which is present in kidney beans. 
Unless other carbohydrate blocker, those containing Phase 2 (Phaseolamin 2250) is a good substitute, since it can not only lower your appetite, but also increase the metabolic rate and energy levels of the body, cutting short or burning the fat that may get deposited in the body.
I review diet pills on a regular basis on in order to find those that work, and I present my findings to you. 
You can also find other types of weight loss tips for women by my guest bloggers.
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Proper Calorie Intake in Order to Lose Weight

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