10 Body Weight Exercises That Will Turn You Into A Weapon!

If you are on holiday, unable to get to the gym, stuck in bad weather or something else don’t submit to the little voice in your head saying “I will train tomorrow!” Punch him in the face and be satisfied that you stayed on course and didn’t let yourself down.
The following 10 exercises are the pick of the bunch and can be done anywhere. They are so unbelievably great at building strength and burning fat its ridiculous. Best of all you don’t need special equipment.
Look around, improvise, use caution and safety and bam! you can construct whole workouts of your own anywhere anytime… No excuses!!!
Exercise – Muscle Group – Comments
1. Pushup – Chest – There are countless variations to challenge anyone.
2. Pullup – Back – Assists overall back development.
3. Chinup – Biceps – Yep that’s right these will grow your guns bigtime.
4. Dips -Triceps – Fantastic exercise that works your entire upper body.
5. Inverted Row – Back – These focus more towards your core strength while working deep into your Rhomboids in your back and down along your spine.
6. Mountain Climbers – HipFlexors – Assist your balance and overall abdominal development.
7. Pistol Squats – Quadricep – Focusing primarily on your quads however its one of the best leg exercises around.
8. Leap Frogs – Legs – Overall leg development for power, stamina and speed.
9. Plank – Core – Uses nearly every major muscle group and has many varieties.
10. Burpee – Whole Body – By far one of the most outstanding exercises ever invented.
Love them or hate them they are a must so embrace them fast!
There is no denying that you can work your entire body with the secret weapons above.
I would bet my house on the fact that these 10 exercises constructed into workouts can be extremely challenging and very rewarding.
Also by doing them with cardio regularly or a circuit, in conjunction with a well balanced diet you will see those abs pop out of your torso like peas in a pod!
Always remember thought to use the correct form, there is no point doing any of the exercises if you don’t use the correct form. At the worst you may even injure yourself and put yourself back because you need to recover.
If you don’t believe me try it for yourself and share your success story with the rest of our fans. Your story will motivate them as the above exercises eliminate excuses.
Matt Goss is a Certified Personal Trainer with Bangin’ Bodz Health & Fitness and is also a member of The International Association For Health Coaches. Checkout http://ift.tt/KrzThk & http://ift.tt/1eUVs5P
Article Source: http://ift.tt/1nQZnop

10 Body Weight Exercises That Will Turn You Into A Weapon!

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