Basics Regarding A Vision Tester

By Jayne Rutledge
Ophthalmologists, opticians and optometrists are the different types of eye doctors. A professional that is knowledgeable and skilled in this field of medicine may also be called a vision tester. This term might also be used when generally referring to some form of eye exam or visual field test. There are numerous tests that can be performed to check the health and function of the eyes.

Eye exam refers to multiple tests done by optometrists, orthoptists and ophthalmologists to check the eyes of persons. It also checks focus ability and ability to discern objects. During the process, other exams and tests may be administered. It is recommended that these exams be given regularly to check for asymptomatic eye diseases and other serious conditions.

Different equipment and techniques are employed for these basic tests, which are usually done through external examination. The very basic exams involve checking of pupil function, extraocular muscle motility and visual acuity. The process is applied by doctors in order to detect blindness, tumors and other potential eye problems. Most insurance providers will offer some portion of coverage for these tests. Prices will range for the test, as well as treatments.

Visual field tests are exams that can be used to detect any dysfunction in peripheral and central vision, which may be the result of medical conditions, such as brain tumors, stroke and glaucoma. This is done clinically by keeping the gaze of patients fixed while presenting various objects in places in their visual field.

Generally, simple equipment is employed during this process, for instance: Amsler grids, tangent screen tests. However, dedicated machinery may be used and if so, the process is then called perimeter. Other names for this kind of exam include Automated perimetry exam, Humphrey field exam, perimetry, Goldmann visual field exam and Tangent screen exam. A test of this sort may be administered by a technician, with aid from a machine or solely by an automated machine.

A lot of different eye exams exist. In fact, they can be a requirement when it comes to applying for a specific job or getting a license to drive. There are machines and doctors that both serve as vision testers.

Each test is different and can offer different results. Some are exclusively done to check for color blindness. Others are more focused on ability to see up close and far away. There are even tests given specifically to check the health of the different parts of the eye. Consultation with a doctor in this field will help individuals determine the tests they must have done and aid in analyzing the results and moving forward with necessary treatment.

It is crucial that human beings take care of their eyes, as they are only given one set. If there is vision or eye loss, not a lot can be done to restore it back to normal. A vision tester might refer to a machine or person that is employed for the purpose of assessing function and health of eyes. There are several eye exams that can be taken.

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Basics Regarding A Vision Tester

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