2014 – 3 Solid New Years Weight Loss Tips

With volunteering coming surprisingly second this year and giving up smoking third, not surprisingly losing weight still ranks as number one in the New Year’s resolutions chart, especially since a study by the UK think tank Overseas Development Institute has reported that there are now over 1 billion people obese in developing countries – that’s twice the amount than high income countries.
Therefore people searching online for New Years weight loss tips could well heed the following in order to get your diet off to a successful start.
1. Maintain Proper Nutrition
That means less sugar, no sweets, more fruits and veg and whole grain soluble and insoluble products.
Insoluble foods don’t bond with water so they pass through the digestive tract faster, flushing out toxins and free radicals while soluble grains bind with fats restricting them from breaking down and turning into fat stores while helping you feel satiated longer.
Additionally, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and make your breakfast is the healthiest and largest meal of the day.
Lunch and especially dinner should contain fewer healthy calories (depending how much you work out) as our body’s metabolism slows down in the evening, especially if you’re sat in front of the TV most nights.
2. Exercise – Make a Realistic Goal
Know yourself and your body.
If you haven’t worked out for years then small steps should be taken to ease you back into a workout regime.
If you’ve grown up however having regularly exercised but have gone through bouts of doing little if nothing for a few months at a time then body will have what dietitians term as “muscle memory” and you’ll be able to re-immerse yourself in faster.
Although however overweight you may be, always start out with low impact sports – ideally swimming, as this will help protect the joints, ligaments and cartilage while helping to strengthen muscle tissue, setting you up nicely for strength training or running or rock climbing – more high impact sports.
3. More New Years Weight Loss Tips
If you are serious about losing weight this New Year then you should vary your day-to-day activities, for example.
a) Before your work out stretch and go for a 10 minute walk/run to get your heart rate up.
b) Take the stairs not the elevator.
c) Get yourself gardening once the snow has thawed.
d) When in the gym start off with 2 sets of 10 on low to medium weight.
e) For the seriously overweight do not try and run a mile but break it up by walking and running as running long distances can cause you to gain weight – always research running in relation to your BMI before beginning this exercise.
f) Team up with a fellow dieter – try meet.up.com – a great website if you’re in short supply of friends willing to lose weight and a great way to keep you accountable to your New Year’s diet plan.
g) Consider supplements that will help speed up your metabolism or block and bind the intake of fats by up to 30%, which will also help curb hunger cravings and restrict the bingeing.
Let’s get this party started!
Take Action
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2014 – 3 Solid New Years Weight Loss Tips

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