The Role Of Custom Footbeds

By Eliza Mendoza
Custom Footbeds are cloth like materials that are placed beneath the shoes. This clothe like materials came up because of some discomfort in shoes as people engaged in different activities. These activities include cycling and skiing. For example cyclists faced the problem of having sore feet and hence these items were invented they have been modified over the years to be more convenient.

These insoles have been produced by various companies. Other companies specify in producing a particular insole for a particular activity whereas others produce a variety. They vary in colors and the fabric making it. The colors could be white, red, yellow or even pink. The fabric used to make them includes cotton, velvet, leather or even nylon. The element used to make it goes a long way to determine the price of a particular insole.

The design is then created by a team of experts. The design includes the shape, color and size of an insole. The size of an insole depends on the size of the shoe intended to be fit into. The shape of the color could be white, green or even black. The type of color should match with the color of a given shoe. The material is simply died to the particular required color.

The cloth is cut by specialized machines. The cutting is done to certain specifications of length, width and thickness considering the human foot.The thickness determines the function meant to be served by the insole. Rigid activities may require thicker insoles as compared to easier activities such as walking.

In the case of machine made products, the process is basically the same. The fabrics are gathered and put together. The material is ensured to be of good quality by a team of experts. Thereafter, it is introduced into the next exercise. This involves coming up with a design just as it was with the domestic made. The blueprint will include the color, thickness and the texture of the insole. The blueprint is then fed to machines which will cut the material into the specifications.

The machines then knit through the edges of a pile to ensure that they are uniform all through. The insoles are then packaged and ready for the markets. The goods could be sold to the domestic and international markets. These insoles have particular functions to their bearers. Thick ones act as shock absorbers for the feet. They generally help to reduce injury to the foot sole especially in the heel areas.

They help to protect the sole from heat and cold. They act as insulators especially during the winter seasons. People who are travelling during hot days prefer to have shoes that have them . They help to aid in protecting the feet soles from blisters that come up with continuous walking.

Custom Footbeds have helped to solve the problem of uncomfortable shoes. Most shoes being manufactured nowadays have incorporated them.They have allowed the feet to be flexible because they have been tuned to be convenient.

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The Role Of Custom Footbeds

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