What Do Scientists/Nutritionists Say About Fish Oil As a Supplement?

Scientists and Nutritionists are Researching the Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements 
Some of the latest research in fish oil supplementation is very exciting for those who wish to do all they can to improve their health and to lose weight. 
There are a large number of benefits, and some of the latest research includes using fish oil as an appetite suppressant, a substantial amount of research on better mental health from long chain fatty acid supplementation and also for prevention of insulin resistance and high levels of fats in the blood.
Fish Oil Research Indicates Promising Results for People With Insulin Resistance 
High sugar diets (as many people in the western world consume) lead to elevated levels of blood fats, and the inability of the body to regulate blood sugar levels (insulin resistance). 
Some of the latest research, by Bremer and Stanhope, in a study titled Fish oil supplementation ameliorates fructose-induced hypertriglyceridemia and insulin resistance in adult male rhesus macaques (PubMed.gov) has indicated strong evidence that fish oil supplementation negates the effects of a high fructose diet. 
The results of the study were that after omega three and omega six supplementation, study subjects had lower blood levels of fats and insulin resistance was also negated. 
This is promising research for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Fish oil is a safe supplement, and people with any insulin or endocrine related problems should talk to their doctor or nutritionist about taking fish oil to help them manage their condition.
Mental Health Improves Greatly After Adopting A Mediterranean Diet 
A study by Parletta and Milte titled Nutritional modulation of cognitive function and mental health (PubMed.gov) reviewed a number of research projects which demonstrated clear evidence that adopting a diet rich in the consumption of fish and omega three and six oils (Mediterranean Diet) showed marked improvement in the mental health of research participants. 
They acknowledged that people with mental health issues typically have a poor state of physical health, however after improving their diet, and including the consumption of fish products their mental and physical health improved.
Fish Oil Supplementation is a Safe Appetite Suppressant, Study Shows 
Harden, Dibble and Russell have released a research study (Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation had no effect on body weight but reduced energy intake in overweight and obese women) (PubMed.gov) where the effects of fish oil supplementation were measured in a group of obese research participants. 
The participants who were part of the group who were taking long chain fatty acids as a supplement indicated a significant reduction in the amount of calories they were consuming, compared to the group not taking fish oil supplementation. 
This indicates promise for people considering taking appetite suppressants, and fish oil supplements provide a safe and effective alternative to other chemical agents. 
People considering appetite suppressants to lose weight should discuss this with their doctor or nutritionist.
Long Chain Fatty Acids as a Safe Nutritional Supplement 
Omega Three and Omega Six Oils have a long history of being a safe nutritional supplement. 
A nutritional supplement is meant to supplement a diet, and not replace nutrients that should be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet. 
People considering supplementation and improving their health, including managing diabetes, improving mental health, and using an appetite suppressant to lose weight should discuss any health concerns with their primary health care practitioner. 
If a person has any concerns about his or her diet, it is best to discuss it with a registered nutritionist who can provide timely advice and help tailor an individual and safe eating plan.
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What Do Scientists/Nutritionists Say About Fish Oil As a Supplement?

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