Diet Pill Madness

Everyday, I open my email to discover ten or more emails with subject lines screaming, “Lose 30 pounds by next week!” and “Magic Diet Pill Discovered!” 
How many of us have followed those crazy diets and taken all of those pills, only to be in the same boat physically this year that we were last year?
If only these spam emails addressed the real cause of weight gain – the real deterrent to serious fat loss, emotional eating. 
With 1 in 3 Americans considered obese in the South alone, a serious problem is afoot, one that can’t be solved with simple, quick diet trends. 
And the truth is, if even 30% of consumers who try these diets saw real success, millions of people would be living healthier lives today. 
Since that isn’t happening, we need to look for a different culprit, and a different solution, to the weight gain and obesity that millions of us face every day.
Want to know the secret? Only, it isn’t really a secret, as doctors and journalists are documenting the real cause for the rapid weight gain and inability to lose weight that Americans are facing. 
It’s called emotional eating, and the majority of us participate in this harmful cycle.
We learn as children that candy is a reward, sweets are treats for doing well, “comfort foods” are healing to the soul in distress. 
But, that isn’t really true, is it? Surely we can all recognize that while foods may make us feel better in a very short-term aspect, long-term consequences of emotional eating are far from healthy.
When we use our emotions to rule our eating choices, emotional eating becomes a habit, a way of living and consuming food without really thinking about what we’re doing and how what we’re eating affects our bodies and our life goals. 
This point is one that many of us have come to – an out-of-touchness with our food and our eating – which translates not only to weight gain but to feelings of inadequacy, of loss of control, and of failure. 
Guess where these emotions lead us? Back to the cycle of emotional eating, a cycle that isn’t easy to escape.
Well, I’ve been there too! I’ve followed the random rules of eating, including only eating certain foods, only avoiding other certain foods, never eating before or after a certain time. 
With all of these rules, it’s easy to see that the rules will be broken, often called “cheating on my diet”, which inevitably results in the same emotions that gets us on the emotional eating cycle. Can we ever escape?
We can. There are definitely methods to use to stop the cycles of emotional eating, and to regain control of our lives, beginning with our food choices. 
Some professionals recommend keeping a food journal, a small book into which you can enter every item you eat, plus your emotions at the time of eating. 
This is a great option for helping you to identify those times at which you are emotionally eating instead of eating for nutrition and survival. 
But what if I could show you a better way? A therapy that actually gets in touch with the emotions that are causing these cycles, and then helps you to find better ways to process the emotions – wouldn’t we all go for that?
With EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, you can have just that. Check out my webpage, listed in my bio, for more information on halting these vicious cycles of emotional eating today.
Tammy Hardin is a Stress Expert and Emotional Eating Specialist. With 20+ years experience working in the field of addiction, she blends a host of practices for real life changes. 
She is a Faster EFT Practitioner, Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™, Relapse Prevention Specialist™, and Biblical Counselor™. she utilizes her training in Theophostic Prayer, SOZO, and Freedom in Christ to help her clients to create permanent changes in their lives.
If you are tired of the yo-yo diets, anxiety and fear, and insecurity associated with emotional eating, Tammy knows how to stop emotional eating, and can help you.
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Diet Pill Madness

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