7 Day Weight Loss Plan

Most experts frown at crash diets. It is not recommended by medical professionals too as setting unrealistic goals like “lose 25 pounds” in a week is dangerous to health. 
However, everyone has an emergency or the need to look good for an important event. You may have a fabulous dress that is just too small. To fit in to it you do have to diet and exercise and do it fast.
First you need a simple plan that is easy to follow. Experts have devised some really simple diet tips that anyone can follow to start a diet program. 
Most people give up their diet or weight loss program a few days or weeks after starting as they see no tangible results. 
Using this kick-start method they will see immediate results and hence the chances of them continuing for the long-term are greater. 
Those seeking to lose weight in seven days can also use this method to see great results
First Tip – drink plenty of water
Water is one of most effective weight loss tools. Drink plenty of water. Start with a big glass of water in the morning. 
Whenever you feel hungry drink a big glass water. Wait for at least half an hour. If you still feel hungry eat some fruit or food. 
The problem is over the years we have neglected to read our brain signals correctly. So even our brain is telling us that we are thirsty we interpret it as hungry and gobble up food. 
This is a never-ending cycle of eating more and more to try to quench our thirst.
Don’t replace water with fizzy, sugary drinks or alcohol which contain large quantities of sugar and are detrimental to your health. 
Say no to all sugary, sweet drinks. Want some flavoring for your water. Add a hint of lemon juice or mint to it. Don’t add sugar. it makes a great drink that you can sip all day.
Second Tip: Avoid Spaghetti and bread
Take a vow to avoid processed food. This includes pastas, noodles, spaghetti and bread. These foods contain loads of carbohydrates that simply settle around your belly at fat. 
For a week go with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. A variety of foods will ensure that you get all the nutrients you need in the right amounts.
Third Tip – Exercise
Get up and get moving. Include lots of cardio exercises that get all the large muscle groups pumping. 
Kickboxing, jogging and dancing are just few examples of high-intensity exercises that really get your heart pumping and your muscles working hard for the next 7 days.
You will see quick results but what you need is a long-term plan that keeps away the fat permanently.
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7 Day Weight Loss Plan

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