The Not So Over-Rated Carbohydrate Source – Rice

Many ask if rice is bad to consume when striving to lose weight. The short answer is no
Rice is a grain that like many others can come bleached, enriched, or whole. Some forms of rice are bad for weight loss and others are not. 
The amount you consume should also be considered even if you are planning to lose weight – here’s the scoop:
White bread that is bleached and enriched has had its nutrients stripped from it. 
Most of the nutrients are in the bran and germ of grain. White bread is made of processed wheat. During the processing the germ is taken out as well as the bran. 
If you look at grain in a wheat field, you will notice it is not “white”. And after the grain is processed and the nutrients from the grain are removed, not much is left behind other than the starch (sugar).
Now since there is not enough nutrition in it to make bread for example, a company may enrich the wheat by adding in vitamins. 
Don’t be fooled by “whole wheat” as whole wheat bread usually consists of enriched or bleached flour. Whole grain is the way to go.
Rice works the same way. You have white rice and brown rice. White rice has very little nutritional value as opposed to brown rice. White rice has been stripped of the germ and bran – the nutrients. While brown rice is whole.
It is easy to tell which rice is which. If it’s white then it has little to offer you. If it is brown then it has good nutrition for you. 
You should also notice that brown rice is more often found as a long grain instead of a short grain, but both are fine. 
Short grain is like the rice used to make sushi and wild rice is an example of long grain. Instant rice that comes in prepackaged bags or boxes are usually not whole.
Portioning how much grain product you eat is also important for weight loss. In my experience, if you want to drop weight as fast as your body will allow – eliminate grain products altogether for at least a month. 
Other than vitamins, grain products are a big source of carbohydrates and sugar. They are easy to consume in big quantities and you can gain weight fast. You can get the carbs, fibers, and sugars your body desires from fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts.
A good guideline for portion sizes is this: eat no more than one handful of brown rice no more than once a day. 
Examples of brown rice are: wild rice, jasmine rice (brown), and basmati rice. Brown rice is also a great source for fiber.
Conclusion: As long as we are eating the nutritional brown rice (whole) and eating it moderately instead of over consuming it, then it will be fine to include it into our diet and we can still lose weight.
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The Not So Over-Rated Carbohydrate Source – Rice

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