What Is Integrated Nutrition?

Ever get the feeling that what we’re eating… might not actually be “food” as we know it, at all? Those who feel this way are not alone. 
A connection has been made between overly processed foods, convenient delivery of them and the way many individuals are getting sicker when consuming them – adding fuel to the fire is the way in which corporations are taking animals normally sought-after as a food source (i.e. chickens) and genetically altering them to produce more bountiful, plentiful specimens with no regard for the creatures’ mutations.
In to this ring have come holistic nutritionists and the integrated nutrition approach. What is integrated nutrition? 
Simply put, it’s a take on diet and nutrition that integrates different dietary theories, based on the principle that suggests in order to maintain an optimal lifestyle and optimal health we must consume “optimal foods.”
Indeed, the approach seems simple and straight-forward enough when looked through an obvious prism like this, but what’s often misunderstood by most is that food should appeal to and nourish both the body and the soul or spirit. 
Foods that we, as humans, consume should be “comforting” and should yield healing and even restorative elements.
It has already been proven that the right choices in diet results in an individual that’s simply healthier – indeed, we are what we eat. 
On the whole, people who make proper eating choices normally don’t suffer from as many illnesses as those who eat poorly.
Now, that isn’t to say every single individual that eats right necessarily lives longer, ailment-free lives from top to bottom or those that live on fast food tend to live shorter ones – but even the traditional medical community has recognized the general importance of a healthy diet in the prevention of such issues as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.
The bottom line, according to holistic nutrition experts, is that integrated nutrition improves wellness. 
A diet comprised of natural foods is imperative for a healthy lifestyle, and it has been generally accepted that the following foods are best to stick with even as food allergy remedies:
  • Fresh free-range chicken raised devoid of growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Small quantities of beef from animals allowed to freely graze and that have been raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics
  • Fresh fish
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Herbal teas
  • Fresh-squeezed juices
  • Fresh fruit
With poor diet also come such digestive issues as GERD (acid reflux) and Fibromyalgia, both of which can be combated by turning an eating routine upside down with infusions of healthy foods. 
It is the inclusions of highly processed foods that contain, for example, sugar substitutes that have been known to cause these problems. 
GERD remedies have come in the form of holistic therapy processes that, interestingly, incorporate natural chiropractic cures and treatment.
Fibromyalgia remedies, meanwhile, have come in the form of a diet to control symptoms of the problem; several foods have been known to trigger more symptoms in each person including those infused with aspartame, MSG, nitrates and caffeine. 
One of the more important aspects of battling Fibromyalgia is to understand that a devised diet and exercise plan is key.
It has been proven that exercise can increase the energy and reduce pain found in patients suffering with “FMS,” and it’s often suggested by physicians that such individuals should pace their days while combining this element with other treatments.
The realm of holistic nutrition as a whole is based on a diet that matches an individual’s unique needs. Each person requires a balance of proteins, nutrients and vitamins to reach maximum mental and physical health and, likewise, each individual’s needs vary and require a different balance of these foods in order to meet optimum health.
At their best, integrated nutrition therapy applications will utilize state-of-the-art equipment to measure metabolism, not calculate it, while focusing on goal management through nutrition counseling, group sessions, anthropometric measurements, blood pressure checks and metabolic testing via indirect calorimetry.
Dr. Michael Minond is a noted Integrated Nutritionist and Chiropractor in NYC. 
Learn more by visiting his website at: NYC-Wellness-Chiropractor.com
Article Source: http://ift.tt/1mUf6Tg

What Is Integrated Nutrition?

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