Resistance Training Is the Key to Toned Muscles

One of the main goals of every fitness program is to achieve a toned or defined physique. 
Whether you are a beginner or a pro that is probably your main goal! 
Most people try to starve and run themselves to toned. Big mistake! While you do need a proper nutrition regime and some cardio training you must add strength training into the equation. 
To get that toned look you are going to need to do both weight and cardio training!
Getting in shape and improving your physique all starts in the kitchen. In fact, 75% of getting in shape happens in the kitchen with a sustainable nutrition plan. 
This plan needs to include the things you love, needs to be convenient, and needs to satiate your appetite! 
To develop a chiseled look your sustainable diet should include eating so much good quality vegetables, nutrition-dense proteins, and fruits that you won’t be hungry for junk food that is basically empty crappy calories! 
That being said, you can include some of the things you love in your diet (in moderation) if that keeps you from falling off the wagon and binge eating. 
It’s funny to think about it, but eating more can actually help you ramp up your metabolism and help you lose weight. You should be eating more of quality fruits and veggies though; not Doritos and ice cream.
Secondly, you need strength training along with your cardio regime. Why? 
Picture this; even if you lose body fat due to your diet and cardio but there is no muscle mass under your skin because you never strength train, there is going to be nothing there to show muscle definition of. 
You will look “flat” because you are just flesh and bone! Resistance training will allow your muscles to grow, not huge like the Hulk but a healthy, defined look. 
That is why resistance training is needed and can actually improve your body image quicker than cardio.
When it comes to getting toned, sculpted, defined, or whatever else you want to call it begins with your nutrition program! 
Tons of cardio and starving yourself will only lead to a stick figure physique which is not a healthy look. 
When it comes to getting toned, you need to break it down (fat with proper diet and cardiovascular training) while building it up (muscles via strength training) to get an amazing defined look! 
Keep both your diet and fitness plan sustainable and you will get the results you want and deserve!
If you would like more information on living a sustainable lifestyle check out Always Active Athletics
There you’ll find convenient, sustainable exercise and nutrition tips to help you get the results you want and deserve!
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Resistance Training Is the Key to Toned Muscles

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