Is Acid Harming Your Body?

The way we eat today, is totally different from the type of diet and eating habits of our ancestors. 
Technology and the advancement thereof have influenced all aspects of our lives, including what we eat. 
Fast foods are the norm in the busy world we live in. 
The take-outs we consume, quick food preparation with the processed foods we buy in the stores, and eating habits such as eating in front of the television, are the total opposite of the diet our ancestors followed.
The result is eating less fruit and vegetables and simultaneously increasing our consumption of refined products, dairy products, and meat protein derived from animals. 
We compensate for overweight caused by what we eat with crash diets and high-protein-low-carbohydrate diets.
Then we wonder why diseases, such as heart conditions, different allergies, and bone diseases, that weren’t so common years ago, have become a reality in our lives. 
Doctors, nutritionists and dietitians agree that what you eat do have an influence on your body and may be linked to specific diseases like the ones mentioned above.
Food affects the metabolism and functions our bodies undergo daily. 
Eating the wrong foods will influence the body in a negative way, causing health issues as a result of the imbalance in the body. 
Therefore, by changing our habits regarding what we eat, it is possible for these health diseases to be cured or preferably prevented.
Why Alkaline is Significant in your Diet
Basic biology of our bodies teaches us that there is a certain balance between the ration of alkaline and acid that our bodies need to stay healthy. 
This ratio is measured by the pH scale, with a pH less than 7 to be considered acidic and more than 7 as alkaline. 
When consuming high acidic foods, the pH level in your body is disturbed, changing to a pH that is acidic. 
Types of foods that are in this category are: fine sugars such as sweets and certain beverages; meat itself and products produced from meat; processed food; and condiments.
The pH level is measured in the blood. 
A common factor that these diseases have is the high levels of acid measured in the blood. 
Health professionals and experts in the field, are of the opinion that this high acid levels are the cause of serious, even deadly, diseases we suffer from today.
The opposite and remedy for acid is alkaline. Its main function in the body is to counteract and nullify the negative impact of acid in our bodies. 
If alkaline levels are not replenished by the foods we digest, it decreases to a level too low to counter the acid.
How to have a Balanced pH Level
The simplistic way to restore the pH level in the body is to ingest alkaline foods. 
This counteracts the negative effect of high acidic levels as it moves through the body, harming organs and destroying soft tissues. 
Blood flows through the whole body, and therefore the harm of abnormal pH levels may reaches all parts of the body.
By using strips that measure the pH level, it is a quick and easy method to determine if your body’s pH balance is disturbed. 
Purchase these measuring strips in your local drug store or at stores that offer medical supplies for sale. 
Measuring the pH level can be done by using strips that sample saliva or urine. The difference between the two types of strips is:
• Saliva – Production of acid is measured. Normal measurements are 6.5-7.5. 
• Urine – Excess acid is excreted and measured with these strips. In Early in the morning it will normally measure 6.0-6.5 and in the evenings 6.5-7.0.
Too Much Acid Threatens the Body
High levels of acid, or acidosis, may cause different diseases. Basic symptoms that could be due to acidosis are:
• Headaches 
• Flu or colds regularly 
• Fatigue.
Diseases that could be because of acidosis are:
• Acne 
• Bronchitis 
• Depression 
• Diseases of the joints, e.g. arthritis 
• Dry skin 
• Heart problems 
• Hyper acidity 
• Infections 
• Obesity 
• Ulcers
Basics of an Alkaline Diet
As mentioned before, depleted alkaline levels cannot DE-activate the negative and harmful effects of high acid levels. 
Bring the pH levels back to normal by eating the correct foods; this will increase the alkaline levels in the body to the normal levels.
Foods with chemical substances, such as processed foods, should be removed from your diet or eaten in small amounts. 
Other foods high in acidic levels are alcoholic beverages, dairy products, meat, and also meat products. 
On the other hand, fresh vegetables and fruit will replenish the alkaline levels in your body. 
Fruit such as lemons and oranges are acidic of nature but become alkaline when digested.
The ideal diet consists of 75% foods that are alkaline. 
A strong army has a better chance at victory than a weak army. 
Give your body the best chance to fight acid by increasing the alkaline levels with the food you eat.
You can learn more about how to start eating an alkaline diet at:
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Is Acid Harming Your Body?

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