Hair Care Tips – The Top 3 Types of Hair Dye

People have been dyeing their hair for years and the most common purpose is to cover grey hair or for fashion reasons. 
With lots of different types of hair dyes available in the market, it can be too difficult to choose the best one. 
Therefore, it is important to know more about differences to make your choices which are comfortable and to suit both your lifestyle as well as hair type to avoid any further damage.
Here, we are going to discuss Top 3 Types of Hair Dyes that you can make use in for coloring along with best brands too.
Hair dyes usually vary in their chemical make-up. 
The three most common classifications of dyes are temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. Well, let us have a look!
Temporary Hair Dyes:
These are most frequently used to dye for special occasions and even used in uncommon shades for parties, events and Halloween as well. 
It is available as shampoos, rinses, gels, foams and sprays which are typically brighter and even more vibrant than semi-permanent and permanent ones.
The pigment particles in temporary hair dye are large and cannot enter the cuticle layer. 
Instead, the colored molecules remain adherent to hair shaft that are easily removed just with a single shampooing.
Whatever, it can persist on the user’s scalp if their hair is dry or damaged excessively, allowing for movement of pigments to deeper layers of hair shaft.
• Clairol Jazzing: Clairol Jazzing is available in 18 shades ranges from soft subtle colors to bold dramatic shades; all of them are ammonia free. 
All you have to do is just take required color on your hand and gently work it on to your hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then thoroughly rinse and shampoo. The result is shiny smooth hair.
Permanent hair dye:
The procedure of permanent hair coloring involves utilizing chemicals to remove the pigment of natural hair and replacing it with other colors. 
A blend of peroxide and ammonia is used which can permanently change your normal hair color but you can convert your hair color quite dramatically and the resultant color is quite accurate. 
It is great for covering greys.
Chemically treated hair is more likely to have damage and even allergic reactions may occur. 
You must have to recolor your roots very often.
• Garnier: Garnier is the best choice, if you are wanting for the best permanent hair color. It not only gives long-lasting color but also nourishes and moisturizes your hair.
Semi-permanent hair dye:
These hair dyes coat the hair shaft and also changes the color temporarily to different shades like pink, blue and red. 
These dyes will eventually washout and are best when used on light or pre-bleached hair colors. 
This dye will last for 6-10 washes and no need to mix with other components. 
The color penetrates within the cuticles scales of hair.
• L’Oreal: L’Oreal Color Pulse is a great and reputed semi-permanent dye. 
L’Oreal hair dye brand is excellent for dark hair that is free of harsh chemicals and gentler on your hair as well.
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Hair Care Tips – The Top 3 Types of Hair Dye

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