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Disadvantages Of The Juicing Diet

It goes without saying that the juicing diet is on the rise. It seems to be one of the most effective ways for some people to lose weight and to get back into shape. 
While there are certainly benefits related to juicing, you have to realize that there are also some negatives that you may not have thought about in the past. It is always best to know both sides before you decide to go through with this type of diet.
One of the major disadvantages of this type of diet will be the fact that it can become very expensive. The first expense will be the juicer that you have to purchase. 
You definitely want to get one that will work for a long time. Therefore, individuals are encouraged to purchase one that has a warranty with it. Then if something happens to it you will have the opportunity to get a new one and you will not have to pay for it.
As you consider expenses it will also be very important for you to consider the cost that you will incur when you are continually purchasing fruits and vegetables. 
Anyone that has been to the store lately can tell you that these items are not always cheap. Stop and consider how many you will need and just how often you need to go out and purchase these things. 
The cost will really add up. Maybe that is why there are so many people that will not follow through with this type of diet once they get started. The cost can actually become to much to handle.
What about the convenience that is associated with the juicing diet? People in today’s society are continually on the go. They are always rushing from one location to another. 
That is why there are so many individuals that like to spend their time at fast food restaurants. Taking the time to juice each and every day, several times a day, can be complicated. 
Even those individuals that start out with good intentions may find that they have a hard time following through with this diet alternative. 
It is also not possible to make the juice to early and then leave it sitting until later. Yes, you can do this but you will be defeating the purpose. 
This is because the nutrients and minerals that you need are going to be killed the longer the juice sits there and the air gets to it. So, preparing early is not always an option.
Fruits and vegetables are going to have bacteria and germs on them that can cause someone to become very ill. This will defeat the purpose of juicing to become healthy. 
In order to avoid any of these situations it will be very important for you to ensure that your juicer is always cleaned and kept disinfected. It can be hard to do this when not all of the juicer pieces can be placed into the dishwasher. 
Because of this, you have to make sure that you are purchasing cleaning products and tools to keep your juicer disinfected at all times.
Mike Jansen is a writer producer of online and off-line content. You can check out his latest website at Juicing Recipe Ideas were he writes a brief overview of juicing including Juicing Diets and other related topics.
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Disadvantages Of The Juicing Diet

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Lose Belly Fat Quickly

To lose belly fat quickly is a big concern and issue for many of us who really want to lose fat around certain parts of our bodies. 
When this occurs, it is mainly around our stomach area, and can distribute to the face, the arms, the thighs, legs and other parts of our bodies. 
This can make us really unhappy, deep down. Inside of us, we want to become free from weight gain. Whenever we have a weight issue, this is due mainly to a daily diet that is high in the following:
1. Fat. 
2. Carbohydrates. 
3. Sugar. 
4. Salt. 
We can lose belly fat quickly if we reduce fat, carbohydrates, sugar and salt. It is easy for most of us to put on weight by just eating and drinking whatever we feel like, and not implementing the regular use of physical exercise. 
It can be extremely hard for many people to lose weight around certain parts of their bodies that they are not happy with because it generally involves the main fundamentals of weight loss success which are the following positives:
1. A good daily diet. 
2. Regular fat burning exercises. 
3. Motivation. 
4. Discipline. 
5. Determination. 
6. Focus. 
7. Consistency. 
8. Desire. 
9. Visualization. 
10. A positive mindset.
I would like to talk about number five which is “DETERMINATION”. As far as breaking down stubborn body fat is concerned, determination is a very powerful quality to possess, especially if you want to be very successful in achieving your weight loss goals. 
Being determined is going to help you to break down body fat; it is going to help you to smash through any weight loss plateau or any weight loss issue that you are facing. Being determined separates you from people who want to lose weight but who just talk the talk without walking the walk. 
The power of being determined on consistent basics ensures that you are more stubborn over your body fat instead of your body fat being more stubborn and having dominance over you. 
It also means that you are going to go the extra mile and SUCCEED. Do all that you can to succeed. Never quit and never give up. 
Develop the mindset of a true champion and keep on going forward with your weight loss goal until you succeed. It is time for you to lose belly fat quickly and WIN with determination.
Mitchell Okotie is a professional certified personal trainer who has helped thousands of people over the past fifteen years lose weight FAST, specializing in weight loss, body toning, diet strategies and success motivation. For more information, please visit his website at,
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Lose Belly Fat Quickly

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Simple Weight Loss Tips For 2014

With 2014 well on it’s way now, New Year’s Resolutions are in jeopardy. The commonest resolution is “I am going to lose weight & get fit”. 
In my 22 years in general practice I have used many different techniques to help patients lose weight & I know what works. If I had £1 for every time I was told “but I don’t eat very much!” 
I would be very rich. With my experience I can very quickly analyse why people are not losing weight & it is usually mis-information from all the advertising that we are bombarded with.
As many will have heard me say before, “specificity is the key, so declare why you want to lose weight, how much & what exercise & when you are going to do it.”
With all the fad ‘diets’ around it is hard to know how to get the best results that are going to be long lasting. Here are some of the best tips.
Simple as it may seem the very best one is going public with your goals & doing it with a friend will increase your results.
Others are:
Reduce the carbohydrates & increasing the lean protein in your diet, such as Body By Vi shakes for breakfast & lunch.
Protein in your diet gives a leaner body shape.
Some fat is essential in your diet.
Long term serious calorie reduction reduces your metabolic rate.
Calorie restriction 2 out of 7 days restriction aids weight loss, such as 3 Body By Vi shakes for just 2 days a week.
Drink water – so often we are thirsty, not hungry.
Never eat whilst watching TV or reading – be conscious of your eating.
Eat slowly, even swap hands or use chop sticks.
Reward yourself with something several times a day e.g reading a magazine for just 5 minutes when you feel like eating.
Always ask your self ‘Am I hungry, or do I just want to eat?”.
Mindset is crucial.” We only make a change in our lives if we have a good enough reason”. Write your reasons down.
Get a personal coach to address issues from the past that have caused you to put on weight. Hypnotherapy is a great approach, either individual or group sessions.
Exercising even for 10 minutes 5 times a week will boost your metabolic rate.
Getting a personal trainer, even for just one session will mean the exercise you do is done correctly & is specific for your needs.
You cannot target specific areas for weight loss, only to build muscle.
Fat cells are laid down at birth so stubborn areas that remain despite diet & exercise require other treatments. The non-invasive method is CoolSculpting which literally freezes the fat that is then naturally removed from the body.
And one last one “There is NO try, you either Do or you DO NOT!” I look forward to hearing about all your success & losses!
Dr Ros Debenham, Radiance MediSpa
To get your FREE weight loss taster session with Dr Ros and any of the Radiance Team head to and enter your contact information and we’ll get you started ASAP.
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Simple Weight Loss Tips For 2014

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Spray Tan In Brooklyn Allows For The Enjoyment Of A Gorgeous Complexion Without The Risks

By Marissa Velazquez
Many people with fair complexion like to have that sun-kissed glow to attain a prettier and healthier complexion. Even those with olive skin tone wish to have their natural color intensified once in a while. Since everyone is aware that sitting under the sun is dangerous, spray tan in Brooklyn is preferred. Without risks, it allows for the attainment of a dazzling complexion.

This approach requires the application of a solution which contains a skin-darkening ingredient called dihydroxyacetone. DHA for short, applying it in the form of a fine mist helps eliminate the development of streaks, a problem commonly encountered when using creams or lotions. It’s due to this why a fake suntan that looks so real is likelier to be enjoyed.

A lot of people prefer to undergo fake tanning on their own as it’s more convenient and easier on the pocket. They simply have to buy a self-tanner in the form of an aerosol spray. The product is most especially popular among beginners in the world of fake tanning. It is easier to use than an airbrush, whether it is the at-home model or the professional type.

Applying the DHA-based tanner is as easy as shaking the can, placing it 6-8 inches away from the skin, pressing the nozzle, and doing quick and sweeping motions. Serving as a visual guide is the tinting ingredient added to provide instant staining. The application can be a cumbersome task without it because it takes about 3 hours for DHA to produce a darker skin tone.

Naturally, assistance is required to have the product applied on areas the user cannot reach, such as the back. Allowing the solution to completely dry before dressing up has to be done for a more even outcome as well as to avoid leaving clothes stained, especially white ones. The darkest possible color may be achieved 24 to 72 hours after the initial application. In order to enjoy the most impressive result, exfoliating the skin and shaving to remove unwanted body hair should be done beforehand, as recommended by the manufacturers of UV-free tanners.

It’s also possible to undergo this risk-free way of darkening the skin inside a salon, something preferred by many fanatics of fake tanning. Some like to go for the booth wherein the entire body is sprayed with the solution containing DHA. Just like when using a product applied at home, there are various shades available to allow for the attainment of a realistic fake tan.

Those who have the budget and want nothing but the most natural result may opt for the airbrush way. A trained attendant uses a special tool that administers the indoor tanning solution on the skin as a very fine mist. By allowing an expert to carry out the work, blotches and streaks may be avoided, resulting in a smooth and realistic outcome just like the real deal.

Spray tan in Brooklyn should be obtained at a reputable salon using the best equipment and indoor tanner. It should also have a lot of very satisfied regular clients. Finding the best local establishment may be found through personal recommendations or by going online. A top-notch indoor tanner should be used by someone who prefers to do it at home.

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Spray Tan In Brooklyn Allows For The Enjoyment Of A Gorgeous Complexion Without The Risks

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Choosing The Right Tanning Salon

By Judy Sullivan
You always loved the tanned color that many a tanning salon in Brooklyn NY is able to produce. This is the reason that when you have to move out of the current place that you reside you have to do something to make sure that you really find a new place that you can refer to whenever you want to get that lovely brown color. Ere are some helpful tips for you.

There should be a number of providers that you could refer to and it matters a lot that you are able to get the assistance of those people that can be expected to help you right this time. There are things that that you have to take into account so you are confident that you can only choose right. So, know what are the things that you must look into first before you will decide.

It matters a lot that you review what are your choices first. It is a lot easier for you to sign up for the right choices when you are well aware of the many factors that you are supposed to loo into first before getting things done. Consider what these options that you have well to ensure that you’ll really get a good choice right at the end of the day.

See first if they are offering any packages that you can take advantage of. Many customers would like the idea of being able to take advantage of packages when referring to these establishments, this is because they know that they will be able to successfully maximize the services they will be getting in the sense that they will really end up

The location of these providers matters a lot as well. You would prefer not having a tough time coming to them and getting to them every time. You’ll need assurance that when the time comes for you to secure their assistance, you won’t have to deal with long hours of travel coming to and from these establishments. So, check how accessible these providers are going to be.

The recommendations of the people that have referred to the assistance of the people who have referred to the very same providers before can help. Find out about the names of the people that did hire the same providers in the past. You would prefer taking the time to ensure that you will really maximize the assistance that these providers can really offer to you.

Hygiene is something that you need to ask for when referring to these professionals. You want to come to a place that does not only offer excellent service. You need to ensure too, that you can refer to providers that offer their services with the right hygiene.

Se if there are added perks that you can get out of referring to the tanning salon in Brooklyn NY that you are interested in going to. If you want to refer to these provider, you want to be sure first that the visit would be worth it. Know what you can get out of what it is that they are willing to offer to customers like you before you start referring to them in a regular basis.

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Choosing The Right Tanning Salon

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Guides To Selecting Doctors In Westland

By Eliza Mendoza
Health care is a basic need for every family. It is important for every head of family to find ways of ensuring that his family has access to good health. The first step in ensuring this is by seeking to have the best health care providers you can lay your hands on. The job done by such a person is very crucial and as such, it is important to make a lot of considerations when selecting these experts. This is a person who is going to ensure that all the members of your family are healthy. In the quest to find the best doctors in Westland, one should consider following the steps described below.

Just like when you are contracting any other kind of expert, it is important to consider qualification. You need to be certain that the person you are dealing with has the right qualification to offer this sensitive service to members of your family. You should insist on seeing his license before you could sign any deals with him. While considering qualification, you should as well give some weight to experience. You are better off dealing with someone who has worked in the industry for four years.

One must select an expert he is comfortable with. Personal comfort is not an easy thing to achieve and would be affected by the attitude of the doctor. You have to choose an expert whose attitude is acceptable to you. He should be someone you can get along with. Having a cordial relationship will greatly influence the kind of service the medic will offer you. In case you think you can only deal with a doctor of the same gender then by all means you should strive to get one.

The proximity of the medical practitioner you choose is very important. One needs to choose a person who is close by. This is wise since you can never tell when you are going to have a medical emergency. In case any member of your family has a condition that requires him to go for regular checkups, it will be cheaper for the family in terms of transport cost.

In the current world, the internet has made a lot of things easy. You can choose to ask for online prescription of drugs instead of having to drive all the way to the office of this doctor. In case you want to book for an appointment, you could as well just reach for your laptop and make the appointment. This is only possible if you choose a doctor who is technologically informed.

Cost issues are usually a pain when it comes to choosing medics. You must ensure that the medical expert you have chosen is affordable according to your financial capabilities. In case you are using an insurance plan, you must ensure that the doctor accepts it.

You must be certain that you understand the specialization of the expert you are dealing with. If you want a gynecologist, you must be certain that he can offer you that kind of service. This will ensure you get the best service.

Some people have certain preferences when deciding on which hospital they want to receive some medical services like birth assistance. If you are such a person, you must ensure that you choose Doctors in Westland affiliated to this hospital. These tips are very vital.

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Guides To Selecting Doctors In Westland

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The Various Chiropractic Care Coquitlam Perks

By Serena Price
Consumers usually find that attempting to work through various injuries and sources of discomfort through their bodies are often quite anxious in their efforts. Most people find that they are unaware of all that is necessary when being assured their efforts are as easily managed as possible while simply getting their lives back to normal. When concentrating on chiropractic care Coquitlam consumers are given the chance to discover a significant number of perks associated with the treatment that is offered.

Chiropractors offer the medical guidance that people need to make sure their nervous system complications and bodily injuries are safely resolved. Most patients focus on this kind of medical attention when they have been unable to work through their injuries individually and are still trying to feel healthy and well. Making the decision to use this kind of medical guidance is often performed with a quite a bit of caution.

People of Coquitlam that are focused on this kind of medical attention have a significant number of competitors to consider. Most consumers are not aware of whether this form of professional attention should even be considered at all. The various perks associated with their treatment are helpful in creating a great deal.

The vast array of competitive doctors available to patients is one of the most initial advantages associated with their use. This is one of the fields of specialty that is filled with a tremendous number of practitioners that are all quite viable in what they offer which can be useful to consumers when searching for the most viable care possible. Multiple appointments are able to be performed initially with doctors to ensure the best treatment is uncovered.

Consumers are additionally able to discover the perk of having access to customized treatment options. Everyone is unique in regard to what they need for effective medical oversight while making sure their specific pains are worked through in a viable and comprehensive manner. Detailed consultations are offered to determine what course of action is needed for full resolution of the issue which are then able to guide the entirety of the treatment process.

Professionals are also known to provide natural solutions for pain management to all their patients. Most consumers are worried about becoming dependent on pain medications that are able to help them feel better and actually manage their lives in a healthier manner. Recuperative options that are offered are usually based on healing solutions that allow the body to recover with direct techniques as opposed to medications.

Additional therapy options are also usually offered to patients in need. The additional forms of pain relief and effective resolution to all issues are helpful in creating the chance to feel better and appreciate more advanced forms of oversight. Acupuncture and massage professionals are helpful in creating the best forms of therapy possible for all patients in need.

When focused on chiropractic care Coquitlam advantages consumers also learn how affordable they are. Consumers with medical insurance are usually able to use their policies to gain access to the full range of benefits they are offered. Patients without coverage are often provided with plenty of opportunities to actually work through affordable and flexible payment plans to remain within their budgets.

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The Various Chiropractic Care Coquitlam Perks

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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Proteins are chains of amino acids found in every cell in your body. As the ‘building blocks of life,’ proteins are used for repair, maintenance and new growth of cells, and they make up a major part of your skin, muscles, organs and glands.
Because proteins in your body are constantly broken down, you need to consume protein in your diet that is digested into amino acids and used to replace the protein your body needs to function.
What are “Complete” and “Incomplete” Proteins?
There are nine essential amino acids that you must get via your diet, as your body does not make them on its own. 
Foods that supply all of the essential amino acids, like meat, milk, eggs and cheese, used to be called ‘complete’ proteins, while those that do not were called ‘incomplete’ proteins. 
Complementary proteins referred to two incomplete proteins that together provided all of the essential amino acids.
These terms are not widely used to describe foods anymore, however, and the old adage that you had to eat complementary proteins at the same meal to count as a complete protein source has been disproven. 
As long as you consume all of the essential amino acids from a variety of protein-rich foods in the same day, you’ll be fine.
Most Americans Eat More Protein Than They Need
Nutrient deficiencies are common in the United States, but protein is not typically among them. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
“… most adults in the United States get more than enough protein to meet their needs. It’s rare for someone who is healthy and eating a varied diet to not get enough protein.”
Generally, you only need about 10-35 percent of your daily calories to come from protein. For an adult woman, this amounts to about 46 grams of protein a day, or 56 grams for men. 
For most people, two to three servings of healthful protein sources are enough to fulfill your daily protein requirements. Examples of protein serving sizes include:
  • 1/2 cup of beans
  • 3 ounces of meat or fish
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
  • 1 ounce of cheese
What Happens if You Eat Too Much Protein?
Since your body can only use a certain amount of protein each day, if you regularly consume more than your body needs, the extra protein calories will be stored as fat, which can lead to weight gain (each gram of protein has four calories). 
There are other potentially harmful effects as well, including:
  • Liver and Brain Damage: Excess protein can cause ammonia to build up in your body. This can cause your liver to become overworked and, if the ammonia accumulates in your bloodstream, it can cause reduced brain and nervous system function known as hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Kidney Disease: Excess protein increases your body’s nitrogen intake, which puts a strain on your kidneys and may lead to kidney disease.
  • Bone Problems: Excess animal protein may increase your body’s calcium loss, negatively impacting your bones.
  • Health Effects from Unhealthy Protein Sources: If the protein in your diet comes from unhealthy sources, like processed or charred meats, it may increase your risk of cancer, heart disease or other health conditions related to these foods.
If You’re Trying to Lose Weight, Doubling Your Protein Intake May Protect Your Muscles
While too much protein isn’t recommended, especially if it comes from unhealthy sources, there are some cases when additional protein is beneficial. 
When you lose weight, for instance, you want to be sure that it’s fat you’re losing – not muscle. 
It used to be thought that significant muscle loss was an inevitable part of overall weight loss, but researchers have found that doubling the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of protein actually prevented muscle loss and promoted fat loss among those trying to lose weight by following a healthy diet and exercising.
This is one example where increasing your protein intake may be highly beneficial, but there are others as well.
Seniors, Pregnant Women, Exercisers Need Extra Protein Too
If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, your body will have an increased demand for protein, which is crucial for growth and development. 
Seniors also may need extra protein to protect against age-related muscle loss. To stave off such muscle loss, experts say you should lift weights at least twice a week once you reach middle age. 
However, the benefits of weight training will be limited without an adequate intake of protein to manufacture muscle tissue.
Evidence is mounting that seniors, too, need nearly double the typical RDA of protein to avoid accelerating loss of muscle — especially if they become bedridden from a prolonged illness or injury.
Further, the timing of your protein intake also become increasingly important as you age, with research showing seniors should consume approximately 25-30 grams of protein at each meal (rather than loading all of your protein into one evening meal, for instance).
When you properly combine weight training with higher amounts of protein at each meal, you can boost your body’s muscle-building rate by 50 percent.
No matter what your age, it also appears that consuming an easily digestible form of protein, such as whey protein, following resistance exercises will help to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which is necessary for muscle growth. 
Research shows that young individuals who consume whey protein after resistance exercise have greater MPS than those who consume protein from a plant-based source like soy. 
So if you’re a regular exerciser looking to support healthy muscle growth, consuming the proper protein just after a workout may be beneficial.
What are the Healthiest Sources of Protein?
Healthy protein sources include:
  • Chicken and turkey (with the skin removed)
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Bison
  • Lean cuts of beef or pork
  • Beans (pinto, black, kidney, split peas, lentils, garbanzo beans)
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Low- or no-fat dairy products
  • Eggs
Most people can safely get all of the protein they need just by eating a balanced diet that includes regular amounts of the foods above. 
As mentioned, however, if you’re a pregnant woman, a senior, or someone who is trying to lose weight or performs resistance exercise regularly, additional protein, such as a high-quality protein shake, may be right for you.
As for protein shakes, there are many on the market and whether or not they make a healthy protein source depends largely on their ingredients. 
You’ll want to avoid those that contain added sugars or chemical residues, along with those that use inferior quality proteins. 
Whey protein, which is a byproduct of the cheese manufacturing process, is a protein that contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs. 
Aside from offering a highly digestible form of high-quality protein, whey protein may support immune function by increasing levels of the powerful antioxidant glutathione. It’s also a rich source of the amino acids methionine and cysteine.
So if you’re looking for a quick way to get more high-quality protein into your diet, whey protein is a smart choice. 
Remember how seniors, in particular, may need more protein to support healthy aging, including to avoid age-related muscle loss? Whey protein is ideal for this because it is so easy to digest and assimilate into your muscles.
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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

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Reasons Why You May Greatly Benefit From Taking A Vitamin B12 Supplement

The body needs different kinds of vitamins for it to function well. One of them is Vitamin B12, which is one of the B complex vitamins. 
The nervous system needs to keep it healthy. The body also needs it in producing new and healthy red blood cells. And, as one of the B complex vitamins, it plays a role in energy metabolism. 
Although it can be stored in the liver for a long period of time, it is not naturally synthesized in the body. Thus, you primarily get it from your diet. 
However, there are certain things that prevent you from getting enough amounts of it in your body, and this poses a serious threat to your health. For this, you may greatly benefit from supplementation of the vitamin.
One reason you may greatly benefit from taking a Vitamin B12 supplement is that your diet may not provide your body enough of it. 
It can only be found in animal foods and products, so if you are vegan, then you may have a bit of a problem in supplying your body with sufficient amounts of the vitamin if you do not take it through supplementation.
Another reason why supplementation of the vitamin may be highly beneficial for you is that you may be taking drugs that control the production of stomach acid. 
These drugs include PPIs (proton-pump inhibitors), which are used to treat stomach ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and metformin, which is used to treat diabetes. 
This is because stomach acid is necessary for the absorption of the vitamin.
If you are an elderly, then taking a Vitamin B12 supplement may also be very beneficial for you. As you grow older, your ability to absorb it is reduced. 
Taking the supplement in the form of liquid drops is recommended as liquid drops are absorbed by the body more quickly.
Take charge of your health. Get only the highest quality health supplements you need from Choice Nutrition Supplements.
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Reasons Why You May Greatly Benefit From Taking A Vitamin B12 Supplement

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6 Health-Related Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

It’s not easy. I’ll give you that. But it is very efficient. And if you are willing to work hard, your health can be significantly improved. 
Especially since free time is at a premium. If you have time to waste, go ahead, exercise for hours. This is probably the best return on investment that you can get. 
It kind of makes sense since the higher intensity will recruit more muscle fibers. So let’s get started.
1. Improved aerobic fitness 
It is now widely accepted that short bouts (30sec to 4 minutes) of very hard work can improve aerobic fitness or VO2 max. 
One of the main adaptations is better oxygen usage at the muscle level. And for clinical exercise physiologists, VO2 max is the strongest long-term health predictor. 
Basically, because a lot of systems have to be optimal in order for you to have a good VO2.
2. Increased insulin sensitivity 
You can’t even feel high blood sugar. But this is one of the worst things you can get. High blood sugar corrodes your blood vessels. 
And by working at a high intensity, you reduce the glucose levels in more muscle fibers. Your muscle will just be thirstier for glucose to replenish its reverses. Your muscles are planning ahead.
3. Reduces fat content 
If more glucose gets stored in your muscles, less will land in your fat cells. And by making your muscle more efficient at using oxygen, they also become better at using fat as fuel. 
Which is one of the reasons why this type of protocol helps you lose more fat and get a leaner body. On top of it, by working hard, you get a bonus round of caloric burn. 
When you work at a low intensity, the extra caloric burn stops shortly after your last step. A higher training intensity will boost your metabolic rate for the next few days. Can you say win-win-win.
4. Increase bone mass 
A recent review article on exercise and bone density reported that higher intensity activities prevented bone loss better. 
If you have osteoporosis, jumping up and down may not be the best approach. But if your bones are OK, it may be the best prevention.
5. Improved lower body power 
You probably did not think about this one. But the older we get, the more relevant it is. Power is more important than strength. Also, it is a strong predictor of muscle loss.
6. Exercise capacity. 
This is how hard you can work. Yes it is related to your aerobic fitness but it also includes your ability to work through the accumulation of lactic acid. 
If you improve VO2 you will improve your exercise capacity. But improving exercise capacity does not guarantee an improved VO2. 
Regardless, it is a very strong long term health predictor on its own. And it is easier to measure than VO2.
Now, is this for everyone? Not really. 
But you can work your way to it. You need a certain base of fitness before you can sustain the intensity. But just making your exercise routine a little more challenging, you will get additional benefits.
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6 Health-Related Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

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